TRUE COLORS THEATRE COMPANY 2014-15 SEASON - True Colors Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: August 7, 2014

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True Colors Theatre Company Season -EPAs in GA
True Colors Theatre Company | Atlanta, GA
Date of Audition:
8/20 and 8/21/2014

Call Type
Equity Principal
Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT (2 days)
Wednesday August 20, 2014
Thursday August 21, 2014
10 AM to 6 PM
lunch 1 to 2
$563/week minimum
Southwest Arts Center
915 New Hope Road
Atlanta, GA 30331

Equity actors for the upcoming 2014-15 Season.

see breakdown.
Prepare a contemporary monologue, no more than two minutes.

**Musical audition will be held at a later date but if you would like to sing something prepare a few bars of some up tempo blues, ballad or spiritual, a cappella.

Bring 2 pictures and 2 resumes, stapled together.
Please note that at this time True Colors cannot provide local housing for out of town performers.
Artistic Director: Kenny Leon
· A monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
SEE breakdown for instructions for AEA members to make an appointment.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

Instructions for making an appointment:
AEA members may make an appointment by calling Lisa Watson at 404-532-1901 x 202 or send email to with “Audition” in the subject line. Request 3 choices of date and time and make sure you leave a phone number. We will get back to you with a scheduled time. DO NOT CALL THE ARTS CENTER.


2014-15 SEASON:

Written by August Wilson
Directed by Todd Kreidler
1st rehearsal September 16, 2014
Open –October 10, 2014
Close – November 2, 2014

This show is cast is fully CAST.

This one man show shares August Wilson’s personal stories about his encounters with racism, music, love, violence, and life-changing friendships a a young poet in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Directed by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright’s long time collaborator Todd Kreidler, August Wilson’s How I Learned What I Learned charts one man’s journey of self discovery and what it means to be a black artist in America.


Written by Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Kamilah Forbes
1st Rehearsal – January 13, 2015
Open – February 13, 2015
Close – March 8, 2014

It’s 1967 in Detroit and Motown music is getting the party started. Chelle and her brother Lank are making ends meet by turning the basement of their late parents’ house into a cool after hours club. But when a mysterious woman finds her way into their lives, the siblings begin to clash over more than the family business. As their pent-up feeling erupt, so does the city around them, and they find themselves caught in the middle of the ’67 riots in America’s Motor City.


Chelle (Michelle)
Black Woman, late 30’s, strong, steadfast, firm and not easily impressed. A widow, mother and sister. A loving heart beneath her pride

Lank (Langston)
Black man, early 30’s, cool, loving and charismatic. A dreamer. Has a special affect on women—but not a womanizer. Chelle’ younger brother

Bunny (Bonita)
Black woman, mid-late 30’s, fun, spunky¸sexy and joyful. A friend and sometimes a lover… Never lets nothin’ get her down

Sly (Sylvester)
Black man, late 30’s, hip, slick and sweet-talking. An honest hustler and numbers man. Fiercely loyal. Lank’s best buddy

White woman, late 20’s/early 30’s, beautiful, quiet strength, trouble, solf, and mysterious. There is a world of danger behind her eyes.


Written By Kevin Ramsey
Directed and Choreographed by Kevin Ramsey
Musical Director Jeremy Cohen
1st Rehearsal – April 12
Open – May 13
Close – June 19


Chasin' Dem Blues: The Untold Story of Paramount Records, is a foot-stomping, roof-raising, multi-media musical celebration. It thrills audiences with storytellers' accounts of how a small Midwest town changed the landscapes of American music, and ushered in the sound of the early 20th century, a sound that still reverberates today. Paramount Records was located in Grafton, Wisconsin, during the time of the Great Depression, and was a small recording studio in an old chair factory. Louis Armstrong, Alberta Hunter, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Skip James, Son House, Ma Rainey, and even Jimmie O’Bryant’s Famous Original Washboard Band recorded for Paramount Records. This exuberant musical celebration of the popular music of the time is sure to enchant and entertain.

[note: A musical EPA will be held at a later date TBA, at which time the following roles will have a musical audition]


(Male 35-55) Charismatic MC and lead of the band with music and dance in his blood. He is the bearer of history and speaks with elegance and grace. His is a great storyteller with a soulful and powerful singing voice.

(Female Ages 35 – 55, African American) She is a powerhouse gospel and blues singer/ actress with a great voice and a lot of presence who moves well.

(35-55) is a master of the slide and electric guitar with a powerful soulful singing voice. Must play the electric guitar, the slide National steel guitar, the banjo, and the harmonica very well.

(White Male age 25 – 50) A versatile pianist, vocalist, and actor with a great voice and a lot of presence . IN addition to the sides, actor should prepare two contrasting blues compositions that show range and versatility. ***This role has been cast. He is also Musical Director

Drummer/Percussionist (25-55) Must possess great timing, rhythm and understanding varies styles of the blues. (Non-speaking)

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