THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE - The New York Shakespeare Festival Auditions

Posted: May 19, 2014

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The New York Shakespeare Festival|New York, NY

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Chorus

Equity Chorus Call - Singers
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
10:00 am - male singers
2:00 pm - female singers
Off Broadway
$766 weekly minimum salary
Chelsea Studios
151 West 26th Street
New York, NY
6th floor

Equity male and female singers who dance well.
Please prepare 32 bars of a contemporary musical theater song. Please bring a picture and resume and sheet music.
Other Dates
First Rehearsal: 8/18/14
First Performance: 9/30/14
Closing: 11/2/14
Extension Closing: 11/23/14
Kimberly Grigsby, the music director for the production, and a representative from the theatre's casting team will be present at the auditions.
Book by Itamar Moses
Music & Lyrics by Michael Friedman
Conceived and directed by Daniel Aukin
Based upon the novel by Jonathan Lethem
Choreography by Camille A. Brown
· Chorus rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

When his family moves to the predominantly black neighborhood of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn in the 1970s, young Dylan Ebdus is forced to learn an entirely new way of life. Based on the popular novel by Jonathan Lethem, THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE is a poignant story of friendship, gentrification, music, and identity. As the action of the story unfolds over the span of fifteen years, actors must have the ability to portray a range of ages.


HENRY/JARED: Start 8/18. Late 20s – 30s. Male. African-American. A role for a skilled character actor with the ability to delineate different characters through dialect, physicality, etc. To play a variety of roles, including HENRY: an adult police officer in the neighborhood, who grew up on the block with Dylan, and JARED: A British music executive, living in LA. Confident, quick, with a keen professional eye. All about efficiency and the bottom line. This role will also double with other, smaller roles, including: DESMOND: Junior’s producer from the old days, who is more interested in cocaine than in making any new music, and RAF: An inmate serving time with Mingus upstate. Tough, intimidating. Baritone. A role for an actor and strong singer.

: Start 8/18. 20s – 30s. Male. Caucasian. To play a variety of roles including, MIKE: the diligent assistant to a powerful music producer at a fast paced LA agency and GABE: A high school classmate of Dylan’s. Hip, privileged, disaffected. This role will likely double with other, smaller roles. High Baritone. Ability to sing to G or higher a plus. Must be a skilled dancer.

: Start 9/30. 20s – 30s. African-American. Skilled actor/dancer/singer with a strong flexible singing voice to delineate and cover multiple roles, among others: THE SUBTLE DISTINCTIONS: A singing group from the 60s. The Distinctions appear as ghosts, romanticized versions of their former selves, even more talented, handsome and better sounding than they were in real life. Exude the glamour and appeal of 1960s Motown and TSOP, think The Temptations, The Stylistics, The Pips, The Four Tops, and MINGUS: Smart, sensitive, intuitive, creative, but also possessing the confidence and swagger needed to survive in the neighborhood. Charismatic and savvy. He and Dylan are close as brothers—but Mingus’ experiences have aged him beyond his years. When Dylan leaves the neighborhood, Mingus stays in Brooklyn, where the influences of crime, drugs, and stasis become harder and harder to avoid.

FEMALE SWING: Start 9/30. 20s – 30s. African-American. Skilled actor/dancer/singer with a strong flexible singing voice to delineate and cover multiple roles, among others: MARILLA and LALA: Two young neighborhood girls—bossy, tough, street-smart, and sometimes mean, they know what’s going on with everyone on the block and spread the neighborhood gossip, and ABBY: Adult Dylan’s girlfriend. Smart, strong, independent. Their relationship is in trouble, as Abby struggles to understand Dylan’s past.

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