THE BAND WAGON - New York City Center Encores! Auditions

Posted: August 13, 2014

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THE BAND WAGON – Equity Principal Auditions
New York City Center Encores! | New York, NY
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal
Equity Principal Auditions
Monday, August 25, 2014
10 AM – 6 PM
Lunch 1 to 2
City Center Encores Agreement;
Pearl Studios NYC "500"
500 Eighth Avenue
(35th/36th Streets)
New York, NY
4th Floor (Studio 401) (Holding 404)

Equity actor/singers for various roles.

See breakdown.
Please prepare a brief traditional musical theater song. Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.
Other Dates
First Rehearsal: 10/20/14 (Sundays off)
First Performance: 11/6/14 (Mondays off)
Last Performance: 11/16/14
Casting Director: Duncan Stewart/Benton Whitley of Duncan Stewart and Company
Music: Arthur Schwartz
Lyrics: Howard Dietz
Book: Douglas Carter Beane
Director/Choreographer: Kathleen Marshall
Musical Director: Todd Ellison
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

Female to play late 20’s — early 30’s. A noted concert dancer. Classically beautiful, elegant and poised with youthful exuberance. While seemingly under the spell of her choreographer, Paul Byrd, she is, at first, both awed and insecure by Tony Hunter’s stardom and presence. Soon finds a voice of her own and becomes Tony’s love interest. Charming, endearing, lovely with humor. Lyric Soprano.

Female to play early — mid 50's. A Broadway book-writer & lyricist. Wise-cracking dame with loads of chutzpah and never afraid to voice her opinion. Despite being married to Lester for many years, she still harbors deep feelings for Tony Hunter – an unrequited love affair from many years before. Sometimes bitter but never jaded. Loves and believes in the Theater. Musical Theater belt.

Male, to play early — mid 50's. Broadway composer. Married professionally and personally to Lily. A lover of the theater — sometimes taking it all very personally. A tendency to drown some of his frustrations and foibles with libation (which can bring out his sardonic, slightly cynical side), he nonetheless is a believer in the power-to-entertain. A song can heal. Some might call him a sad-sack, but he does not see himself as such — he is simply emotionally tied to his life/soul as an artist. Baritone.

Male, to play early — mid 60’s — 70’s. A Stage Director and actor with a great sense of self-importance (verging on all that is deliciously pretentious). A ‘national treasure’ of both England and America. Given helm of a new musical, The Band Wagon, he takes on the directorial role with much pomp, flourish and a little ‘Faust’ thrown in for good measure.

Male, to play mid-late 40's. A Choreographer. Very artistic. Very hip in a ‘downtown/Greenwich Village' fashion. Tends to wear black. Intense, focused with a concentrated and impatient demeanor. Gaby is his protégé and, as such, he watches over her with a sharp eye. Very wary of the ‘relic’ Tony Hunter. Actor/Singer/Dancer.

Male, to play mid 40's — early 60's. A stage manager who has an English accent (whether or not he is from England). Fastidious, alert with a gentle, nurturing side. Ensures the smooth running of operations both onstage and off.

The following role has been CAST. Actors may be considered for possible replacement shoud it become necessary:

Role is CAST. Male, to play early — mid 50's. A Golden-Age stage and screen star and a veteran of musical comedy. Concerned that his movie career in LA is on the wane, he returns back to his Broadway roots with notions of making a comeback. Dashing & handsome with a little ‘washed-up wear’ around the edges. He loves the ladies and they him. Baritone.

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