SHADOWLAND THEATRE 2014 SEASON - Shadowland Theatre Auditions

Posted: April 7, 2014

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Shadowland Theatre 2014 - EPA in NYC
Shadowland Theatre|Ellenville, NY

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
lunch 1 to 2
Tier 3; $291/week. Then $300/week after 6/2
Actors' Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street
16th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Equity actors and actors who sing for various roles in the 2014 Season.

see breakdown.
Prepare EITHER

1) a brief song; OR

2) a brief monologue (have a short contrasting piece in case asked); OR

3) a brief song and a one-minute monologue

If singing, bring sheet music; accompanist provided.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.
Other Dates
There will also be an EPA in Ellenville held on 4/19, 9:30 to 5:30 at the Shadowland Theatre. (see separate notice)
Artistic Director: Brendan Burke (at auditions
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

2014 Season with available roles:

by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed Howard
Director: Jim Ligon
1st rehearsal April 22, 2014
Runs May 2 - 18.

This show has been fully CAST; Performers will be considered for possible replacements, should any become necessary.

2 male actors:
30s; must be versatile, comic actors who deal well with physical comedy, accents and can switch quickly from one character to another.


by David Lindsay-Abaire
Director: Brendan Burke
1st rehearsal: May 13, 2014
Runs May 30 – June 15.

All roles available:

40-50. Working class South Boston. Single mom, struggling to make ends meet, scrambling to catch a break, and just fired from her job. Hopes that Mike might be a path out of her situation. Dedicated to, and motivated to provide adequately for, her disabled daughter.

late 20s. Friend of Margaret and is her boss at the Dollar Store, until he has to fire her. A nice, sensitive guy, he enjoys playing Bingo with Margaret, Dottie and Jean, and is often the butt of their jokes.

60s. Margaret’s landlady. Is generous to a point; ultimately, she expects to get paid. Watches Margaret’s daughter when Margaret works.

40-50. Margaret’s friend. Has a blunt, hard and comic edge, but is a loyal friend.

40-50. A childhood friend (and old flame) of Margaret. Got out of South Boston, and is now a happy, successful doctor. At first glance, seems to have it all- plus a secret, that Margaret threatens to disclose.

30s. African American. Mike’s wife; they are in couples therapy. College professor of literature. Grew up privileged, but is not obvious about it. Kind and sympathetic, but will fight if threatened.


by Jeffrey Hatcher
Director: James Glossman
1st rehearsal: June 3, 2014
Runs June 20 – July 6.


50. A conservative, timid funeral director, experiencing both the excitement and terror of unspoken love. But it’s all bottled up, building up in his buttoned-up demeanor.

30s. Somewhat of a drifter, surviving by stealing jewelry off corpses. Edgy, smart and funny, she returns home for her grandmother’s funeral, to get the ring promised her.

50-60. The recently widowed suburban wife of a wheeler-dealer contractor, who has left her in debt to the banks, her family and the mob. She must figure a way out of the horrible situation her deceased husband has put her in, and call off the dogs.


by Paul Slade Smith
Director: Brendan Burke
1st rehearsal: June 24, 2014
Runs July 11 - August 3

All Roles available:

30s. A bookish, even-keeled police officer. But VERY out of his element when asked to express his feelings to a woman, lie to his boss, act in disguise, or stand up to an armed mobster.

Female, 20s-30s. Excitable and non-threatening police officer, who seemingly lacks every skill necessary for police work, but is as eager to succeed as she seems destined to fail.

Female, 30s. An accountant with a professional, business-like demeanor, until today, when she finds herself filled with a sexual hunger, unable to keep things in control.

Male, 50s. And innocent, affable, gentle fellow. Not the brightest bulb, but a sweet, sweet soul.

Male, 30s-40s. Despite presenting as a confident, gruff Head of Security (or a cool noir detective), he is, in fact, often terrified by his own shadow.

Male, 40-50. A professional hit man who speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent, which gets more and more pronounced (in fact, indecipherable) as his anger grows, betraying his otherwise cool demeanor.

Female, 50s. The Mayor’s wife. Small in stature and unfailingly sweet, she seems the perfect match for her husband.


book by Richard Berg
music & lyrics by Robert Lindsey Nassif
Director: Michael LaFleur.
1st rehearsal: July 22, 2014
Runs August 8 – September 7

All Roles Available: NOTE: Seeking performers who also play instruments country-western instruments.

20s. Pure country sunshine and daisies. Full of warmth, caring, and compassion. Nurturing, knowing and wise beyond her years. Mezzo-Soprano.

20-30s. A bit of a secret and a contradiction in terms. A loaner- laconic and shy. But also zany, eccentric and fun. Either slightly crazy or a lot smarter than he lets on; the quiet mastermind of this reunion. Low Tenor.

20-30s. Boyish, attractive. Born lucky; everything is fun to Paulie. He can’t help it that women just love him. High Tenor.

30-40s. A happy homebody. The oldest member of the band; has 2 girls and a wife. Loves playing with the band, but would just as soon be home with the family. Bass.

30s. A lovable sad sack. Grew up hen-pecked. He still fun to be with, although it seems like nothing good ever happens to him. A droll sense of humor hides his tender heart. Baritone.


by Deanna Jent
1st rehearsal: August 26, 2014
Runs September 12 – 28

All Roles available:

18. He is large and strong with severe autism. Most of the time he is happy and is fascinated by visual stimuli. He is scared by loud and unexpected noises, and most uncomfortable when the routine is broken. Actor will also play LAWRENCE, a caseworker for the Department of Child and Family Services.

40s. Josh’s mom. Has been trained in behavioral intervention and teaching skills, which is evidenced in her interaction with Josh and, sometimes, with others. Fantasy and alcohol are her stress relievers. She loves her son which, at times, is a very difficult thing to do.

16. Josh’s sister. Wants to be a typical teen in a typical home. Isn’t and is frustrated by that. She may deal with her stress by overeating.

40s. Josh’s father. Tries to relieve stress by making jokes – would like to relieve stress by having sex. Neither are working too well for him right now.

60s. Josh’s grandmother (Bill’s mother). Comes to visit, and brings with her the hope that her sincere Christian faith can intervene and help everyone in the family. Genuinely concerned and confused, but she is not a scold.


music by Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein and Jule Styne and Richard Rodgers and Mary Rodgers
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Continuity by Ned Sherrin
1st rehearsal: October 7
Runs October 17 – November 2

All roles available:

Male, 30-40s. Our show’s guide through the music. Informative and full of facts, but loves to crack a joke.

30-40s. Featured musical numbers include "Getting Married Today," "I Never Do Anything Twice, " "Au Paris," "Send in the Clowns," "A Boy Like That," "The Boy From…," and "I'm Still Here." Range: D3 - F5.

30-40s. Featured musical numbers include "Another Hundred People," "Broadway Baby," "I Have a Love," and "Losing My Mind." Range: E3 - C6.

30-40s. Featured musical numbers include "I Remember," "Marry Me a Little," "Beautiful Girls," "Buddy's Blues," "Anyone Can Whistle," and "Could I Leave You?" Range: G2 - B4

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