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Posted: May 8, 2014

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival - Local EPA
Oregon Shakespeare Festival|Ashland, OR

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Monday, May 19, 2014
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
LORT B+ Minimum $883/wk
New Place rehearsal space
Pioneer St. just north of Thomas Theatre
Ashland, OR 97520
rehearsal space, street parking

Company Members for 2015 Season. No Stage Manager positions available.
please prepare a Shakespeare monologue, contrasting contemporary monologue (NO MORE THAN 2 MINUTES EACH) and a short song if you'd like to sing. Please bring sheet music if you'd like to sing.
Other Dates
See breakdown for details.
Casting Director: Joy Dickson
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
please email :osflocalauditions@gmail.com. Local Actors (those living within 50 miles of Ashland) will be given preference to appointments.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

If you are unable to attend this audition please send headshot and resume to:
Joy Dickson
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
15 S Pioneer Street
Ashland, OR 97520
osflocalauditions@gmail.com. Please put "Local EPA" in the subject line.


MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by William Shakespeare
Director TBA
First rehearsal:1/6/15, opens2/27/15, closes11/1/15
All roles will be understudied

GUYS AND DOLLS Music and lyrics by Frank Loesser; book by Joe Swerling and Abe Burrows
Directed by Mary Zimmerman
First rehearsal:1/7/15, opens2/28/15, closes11/1/15
All roles will be understudied

FINGERSMITH Adapted by Alexa Junge from the book by Sarah Waters
Directed by Bill Rauch
World Premiere
First rehearsal:1/7/15, opens3/1/15, closes7/12/15
All roles will be understudied

Sue Trinder—20s, The protagonist. A petty thief and orphan in Victorian London. Any ethnicity

Maud Lilly—20s. Heiress at center of Sue’s plot. Any ethnicity

Richard “Gentleman” Rivers—30s, charming con man. An expert in “high-class” crimes. Any ethnicity

Mrs. Sucksby—40s, a baby farmer who runs the orphanage where Sue grew up. Any ethnicity

Dainty—20s plus-sized. Sue’s best friend at orphanage and a petty thief. Any ethnicity

Agnes—Maud’s maid. Any ethnicity

Mrs. Stiles—50s, Housekeeper at estate. Any ethnicity

Chris Lilly—Male, 50s, Maud’s wealthy, controlling uncle, Any ethnicity
John Vroom—20s, scrawny boarder. Any ethnicity

Charles—Servant at estate. Any ethnicity

Mr. Way—Butler at estate. Any ethnicity

Mr. Ibbs—60s, Locksmith and Mrs. Sucksby’s cohort.

Dr. Graves—Doctor at asylum. Any ethnicity
Dr. Christie—Doctor at asylum. Any ethnicity.
Nurse Spiller—50s. Nurse at asylum. Any ethnicity.

Directed by Stan Lai
U.S. Premiere
First rehearsal:3/3/15, opens4/19/15, closes10/31/15
All roles will be understudied

PERICLES by William Shakespeare
Directed by Joseph Haj
First rehearsal:1/6/15, opens2/28/15, closes11/1/15
All roles will be understudied

Directed by Christopher Liam Moore
First rehearsal:2/18/15, opens3/28/15, closes10/31/15
All roles will be understudied

James Tyrone: cast
Mary Tyrone: cast

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA by William Shakespeare
Directed by Bill Rauch
First rehearsal:3/31/15, opens6/12/15, closes10/9/15
All roles will be understudied

THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Adapted from the book by Alexandre Dumas
Director TBA
First rehearsal:4/1/15, opens6/14/15, closes10/11/15
All roles will be understudied
SWEAT by Lynn Nottage
Directed by Kate Whoriskey
World Premiere
First rehearsal:6/2/15, opens8/2/15, closes10/31/15
All roles will be understudied

CYNTHIA--African American female, 40's, working class, strong willed, a drinker, driven, passionate,
has aspiration, but plagued by unspoken insecurity. She isn’t flashy, but definitely has charisma.

TRACEY—Caucasian female, 40's, working class, sexy, fun loving, a laugher who talks a little louder
than everyone else in the room, She has a need to be heard. Hardened by work and life, a sturdy

JESSIE—Caucasian female, 40's, a drunk, a follower, prone to flashes of emotion. Her heart has been
broken one too many times, and she baths her sadness in liquor.

STAN—Caucasian, male 40's, old steel guy on disability, Warm and brotherly, a genuine listener. There
is an edge of bitterness that is always lurking just beneath the surface. He is the guy who didn’t get

EVAN—African American female--40's, A big bear of a man. Confident and direct. He is a question
answerer. He doesn’t like bullshit and will let you know it.

BRUCIE—African American male 40’s, a heroin addict, a dreamer, smooth talking charmer, whose looks
are his primary currency. He believes what he’s saying in the moment, even if it is bullshit.

OSCAR—Puerto Rican or Dominican male. 21-30, Slow to burn, but when roused passionate and
articulate. He is used to being the outsider, but knows when to assert his presence.

JASON—Caucasian. male 21-30, brash, fiery with edge. A brawler who doesn’t know how to contain his
anger at the world.
CHRIS—African American male. 21-30, deeply religious, thoughtful, and likes to think he's the smartest
guy in the room. Nevertheless, there is a bit of thug that surfaces when push comes to shove.

HEAD OVER HEELS Book by Jeff Whitty, Music and lyrics from the catalog by the Go-Go’s
Directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
World Premiere
First rehearsal:4/1/15, opens6/12/15, closes10/10/15
All roles will be understudied

Basilius—Male, 40s-50s, A Duke. Great with comedy. Any ethnicity. Must sing.
Gynecia—Female, 40s-50s. His wife. Great with comedy. Any ethnicity. Must sing

Pamela—late teens/early 20s. Their ravishingly beautiful oldest daughter. .Great with comedy. Any
ethnicity. Must sing

Philoclea—late teens/early 20s. Their younger, plus-sized daughter. Great with comedy. Any ethnicity.
Must sing

Musidorus—Male, 20s. An earnest young shepherd. Great with comedy Any ethnicity. Must sing

Philanax—the Duke’s clown. Great with comedy .Any ethnicity. Must sing

Mopsa—Female, 20s. Overly serious maidservant to the Duke’s daughters. Great with comedy. Any
ethnicity. Must sing

Dametas—The head manservant. Great with comedy .Any ethnicity. Must sing

The Oracle—Female. A supernatural seer. Great with comedy .Any ethnicity. Must sing.

1 Play TBA
TBA, To be announced in late spring 2014July 7 – November 1

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