GOODSPEED MUSICALS 2020 SEASONS - Goodspeed Opera House Auditions

Posted: October 31, 2019

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Goodspeed Musicals 2020 Season - East Haddam CT EPA

Goodspeed Opera House

**Updated: Roles added to South Pacific Breakdown**


Sun, Nov 10, 2019
10:00 am - 5:30 pm (EDT)
Lunch 12:45 - 1:15 pm


Call (860) 873-0021, Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 schedule an appointment.


LORT Non-Rep Opera House Season: LORT B: $951/week until Feb 2020, $969/week thereafter Norma Terris Season: LORT D: $696/week until Feb 2020, $717/week thereafter


Goodspeed is seeking adult Equity male and female actors for the Opera House Season of SOUTH PACIFIC, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, and CANDIDE, and for the Norma Terris Season of JOHNNY AND THE DEVIL'S BOX and A CONNECTICUT CHRISTMAS CAROL. (See breakdown.)

All SM/ASM positions have been filled.


Prepare 32 bars each of an uptempo and a ballad. Please bring sheet music in your key, no leed sheets. Bring one headshot and resume


Goodspeed - Alice Rehearsal Studio
26B Norwich Road
East Haddam, CT 06423
Doors open at 9:50 am.


Michael Gennaro - Executive Director
Rachel J. Tishler - General Manager
In attendance:
Donna Lynn Hilton - Producer
Michael O'Flaherty - Resident Music Director
See breakdown for personnel for each production.


South Pacific - 1st reh - 3/17/20; 1st performance - 4/17/20; Closes - 7/2/20
Anne of Green Gables - 1st reh - 6/9/20; 1st performance - 7/10/20; Closes - 9/10/20
Candide - 1st reh - 8/18/20; 1st performance - 9/18/20; Closes - 11/22/20
Johnny and the Devils Box - 1st reh - 5/12/20; 1st performance - 5/27/20; Closea - 6/7/20
A Connecticut Christmas Carol - 1st reh - 11/17/20; 1st performance - 12/2/20; Closes - 12/27/20


An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of audition.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.


All roles in all shows to be cast.

Principal roles for "South Pacific", "Anne of Green Gables" and "Candide" to be understudied.

Goodspeed Opera House Season

Director – Rob Ruggiero
Musical Director – Adam Souza
Choreographer – Ralph Perkins
Book, Lyrics - Ocsar Hammerstein II
Music - Richard Rodgers
1st rehearsal - 3/17/20; 1st performance - 4/17/20; Closing - 7/2/20
Emile de Becque (Late 40’s-50’s) Male – Wealthy, debonair French plantation owner, romantic, charming and passionate, Strong legit Baritone 5'10 and above in height
Nellie Forbush (Mid 20s-30) Female – An optimistic and simple Navy nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas who falls in love with Emile.; must have subtle comic timing, strong mezzo. Can be more non-traditional quirky leading lady
Bloody Mary (35-55) Female –A shrewd Tonkinese/Vietnamese souvenir dealer who is also trying to find her daughter a rich husband; brassy, sexy, charactery; must have great subtle comic timing; strong mezzo.
Liat (18-25) Male – Heartbreakingly delicate, beautiful and the picture of purity; must move well. Tonkinese/Vietnamese.
Lt. Joseph Cable (18-30) Male –A young, formal and good-looking officer who falls in love with Liat; must be masculine with a good physique and believable as a member of the Army; soaring Tenor (E3 to G4).
Luther Billis (30-45) Male – A schlubby, mediocre entrepreneur; friend to all and a man with a lust for the ladies; must be funny, masculine and believable as a member of the army; strong baritone.
Capt. George Brackett (40-60) Male – A pompous yet competent officer who hides a heart of gold; strong actor; baritone.
Commander William Harbison (40's) Male – Fit Military man, the second in command on the Island, more of a follower and plays by the book.
Ngana: Female, must appear approx 11 years old. Mixed race. Emile’s young daughter, mezzo
singing voice, not a brassy musical theatre voice
Jerome:Male, must appear approx 8 years old. Mixed race. Emile’s young son, mezzo

Director - Jenn Thompson
Music Director - Adam Souza
Choreographer - Jennifer Jancusika
Book and Lyrics - Matte O'Brien
Music - Matt Vinson
1st rehearsal - 6/9/20; 1st performance - 7/10/20; Closing - 9/10/20

Anne Shirley – intensely imaginative and verbose orphan in search of a family and driven by a desperate desire to belong. Feisty, passionate, stubborn, and insecure, Anne journeys from awkward little girl to a young lady teetering on the brink of adulthood and a new, hard-won confidence. Strong belt/mix.
Diana Barry/Ensemble – classmate and neighbor of Anne’s and her eventual best friend. Beautiful, elegant, with a simple/naïve nature that belies a keen intuition. On paper she is Anne’s opposite, but clearly her soul mate. Strong belt/mix.
Marilla Cuthbert/Ensemble – a hard, stolid spinster and the proprietress of Green Gables – the farm she shares with her younger brother, Matthew. She begrudgingly agrees to adopt Anne but struggles in warming to her. Her stubbornness and chilly demeanor – cover a good heart buried deep beneath years of pain. Powerhouse belt/mix.
Rachel Lynde/Ensemble – the overly opinionated town gossip. Pious and outspoken, she prides herself on being a good Christian woman and the pillar of the community. Though she and Anne clash at first, she eventually becomes one of her fiercest advocates. Powerhouse belt/mix.
Ruby Gillis/Ensemble – Boy-crazy classmate of Anne’s. Uncouth, melodramatic, smart-ass. Excellent singer/dancer
Prissy Andrews/Ensemble – Boy-crazy classmate of Anne’s, mousy and sweet. Excellent singer/dancer.
Josie Pye/Lucilla Harris / Ensemble – Josie: pretty, mean, competitive classmate of Anne’s; Lucilla: kind and courteous store clerk. Excellent singer/dancer.
Mrs. Barry/Miss Stacy / Ensemble – Mrs. Barry: Diana’s mother, a haughty, pious woman who detests Anne for her orphan upbringing and “over-attachment” to Diana; Miss Stacey: Anne’s teacher. An independent, smart, driven, single woman. Excellent singer/dancer.
Melody Bombard/Ensemble – Classmate of Anne’s Bubbly and bouncy. Excellent singer/dancer.
Gilbert Blythe/Ensemble – Classmate and neighbor of Anne’s. Magnetic, handsome, warm, and perhaps a little too sure of himself. Gilbert’s world is upended when he meets his match in the headstrong, Anne. Strong pop/folk sensibility.
Matthew Cuthbert/Ensemble – Marilla’s quiet and hard-working younger brother, and the co-occupant of their family farm, Green Gables. As warm and gentle as his sister is not, he is immediately taken by Anne’s unique and vibrant personality and successfully lobbies to give her a home. Strong singer.
Moody Spurgeon MacPherson/Ensemble – Classmate of Anne’s, soft-spoken, geeky, outsider. Best friends with Ruby and Prissy. Excellent singer/dancer.
Charlie Sloane/Ensemble – girl-crazy classmate of Anne’s, a boy’s boy, not very bright. Excellent singer/dancer.
Jude Andrews/Mr. Edwards/Ensemble – Jude: Classmate of Anne’s, and Prissy Andrew’s brother. A boy’s boy, not very bright; Mr. Edwards: a kindly real estate agent. Excellent singer/dancer.
Fred Wright/Ensemble – Diana Berry’s intended, handsome, upright guy. Excellent singer/dancer.
M. Phillips/Mr. Blythe/Ensemble – Mr. Phillips: Anne’s stern teacher; Mr. Blythe: Gilbert Blythe’s father and the former beau of Marilla. Excellent singer/dancer.

irector - Darko Tresnjak
Music Director - Adam Souza
Choreographer - TBA
Book - Hellmer & Wheeler
Music - Leonard Bernstein
1st rehearsal - 8/18/20; 1st performance - 9/18/20; Closing - 11/22/20
All roles open
The Old Lady

Norma Terris Season

Director - Amy Corcoran
Music Director - TBA
Choreographer - N/A
Book, Music and Lyrics - Douglas Waterbury-Tieman
1st rehearsal - 5/12/20; 1st performance - 5/27/20; Closing - 6/7/20
Lucifer/The Devil/Preacher Lew Scratch/The Music Business Man/The Gambler/and As Cast: (20s-40s) The fallen Angel Lucifer, he is Hell bent on destroying all human happiness by removing music and dance from the earth. He hates Johnny Baker, whose skill he sees as an affront to his own musical prowess. Proud, devious, determined, and completely without morals, but hiding an undercurrent of hurt and rejection at his core. Must play the violin very well and sing with a smoky, jazzy flair.
Pap Baker/God/and As Cast: (50s-80s) An old man of the mountains. Pap is a square dance banjo player and moonshiner. He has taken care of Johnny since his parents died and wants him to fulfill the role of square dance fiddler when his own time on earth is up. Also plays The Lord God Almighty in the Prologue myth. Warm, no-nonsense, and the heart of his community, though he'd never admit it. Plays the banjo and sings with a strong, wise flair.
Robert King/and As Cast: (40s-60s) An overly pious gold mine prospector who has moved back to the North Georgia mountains with his daughter in search of wealth. He has a past here that he has never shared with his daughter for fear of losing her... like he lost her mother. Proud and strict, he'd rather hide his emotions away than deal with pain. Bass/Baritone.
The Sheriff/and As Cast: (30s-60s) The county sheriff. Just trying to do their job. A warm and understanding presence, but dedicated to upholding the law when it’s called into question. instrumental ability a plus.
Sarah Jones/and As Cast: (30s-50s) Sweet and warm new neighbor of the King’s. She and her husband own a farm up the holler near the Bakers, and she's been a member of the community her whole life. Maternal and shrewder than she first appears, she holds the key to unlocking the secret of Abigail’s Mother. Must have an incredible voice.
Cleater Jones/and As Cast: (30s-50s) Sarah’s husband. Square dance caller and longtime member of the community. He is a homespun man on the quiet side and proud of his home. Should play guitar.
Adelle Carson/and As Cast: (30s-60s) Booming, warm, wise, maternal Dolly Parton-esque singer, whom Johnny meets at the Grand Ole Opry. Grew up a mountain girl singing with her family, and has managed to keep her strong moral compass despite rocketing to fame. A voice for the ages, and guitar playing a plus.

SHOW TBA- 1st rehearsal - 7/21/20; 1st performance - 8/5/20; Closing - 8/16/20


A Connecticut Christmas Carol
Director - Hunter Foster
Music Director - Dan Pardo
Choreographer - Lisa Shriver
Book - LJ Fecho
Music and Lyrics - Michael O'Flaherty
1st rehearsal - 11/17/20; 1st performance - 12/2/20; Closing - 12/27/20
Ebenezer Scrooge/William Gillette (50-60) – any ethnicity, male. Lyric Baritone character actor, must have a likable personality even though he plays the traditional Scrooge role.
The Ghosts (43-55) – any ethnicity, male. One actor will play all 4 ghosts - JP Morgan, Benedict Arnold, PT Barnum and Mark Twain. Must have great comic energy and abilities and able to play assorted characters. Lyric Baritone
Bob Cratchet (30-35) – any ethnicity, male. younger character actor with a Bari-tenor voice that can do Broadway pop


Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

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