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EAT YOUR HEART OUT - Actors Theatre of Louisville Auditions

Posted: November 28, 2011

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– Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments

Actors Theatre of Louisville (Louisville, KY)LORT D; $566/week minimum

Associate Director: Zan Sawyer-Dailey

by Courtney Baron

Director: Adam Greenfield

Casting Director: Kelly Gillespie

1st Reh: 2/15/12. Runs: 3/11/12 - 4/1/12 in the Bingham Theatre (part of the Humana Festival of New American Plays )

NYC auditions will be held on December 12 – 13, by appointment only.

Seeking submissions from

Actors' Equity Members onlyfor these auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume to: KELLY GILLESPIE

Indicate in the subject line: EAT YOUR HEART OUT / AEA Self Submission


Alice and Gabe are desperate to adopt a child. Nance, a single mom just starting to date, struggles to connect with her teenage daughter Evie. And Evie wishes her best friend Colin could fall for her rather than just trying to fix things. With both humor and aching insight, these lives are woven together in a tale of parental hopes and fears, and of hearts consumed by longing.



(late 30s) A single mother and a social worker. Nancy exudes a comforting presence, though inside she is frustrated with her personal relationships, and weary from the struggle it takes to keep it all together.


(to play 17) Overweight, not in the teen movie way, but actually. Evie is sarcastic, self-deprecating, and occasionally lashes out at the people closest to her.


(mid-30s) Nance and Tom met on an internet dating website. Tom is incredibly energetic, a bit dorky, and typically “nice” guy.


(to play 17) Evie’ friend, he’s hip and nerdy all at once. He’s a loyal friend who is not interested in fitting inside the social norms of their high school.


(late 30s) Infertile and wants to adopt a child, Nance is her social worker. She is tightly wound and neurotic, carrying herself with a bright and flighty energy, but at the same time she is maternal.


(late 30s) Alice’s husband. He is forgetful and wandering, and somewhat volatile, but means well. Most of all he wants to be a traditional family man.

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