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DROWSY CHAPERONE - Arts Center of Coastal Carolina Auditions

Posted: September 14, 2011

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– Equity Performer Auditions by

Your browser may not support display of this image.Arts Center of Coastal Carolina Hilton Head Island SC SPT $421/week minimum.
Score: Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison
Book: Bob Martin & Don McKellar
Dir: Casey Colgan
Mus Dir: Jeffrey Biering
GM: Richard Feldman
1st reh: 11/15/11. Runs 12/7-12/31.
Equity Performer Auditions (Principal/Chorus) by

Saturday, October 1, 2011 Arts Center of Coastal Carolina
12 Noon – 7 PM14 Shelter Cove Lane
No scheduled break.Hilton Head Island, SC
For an

appointment,call Gail Ragland at 843/686-3945, x236. Leave name number and choice of audition times. You will be called back w/confirmation. Or Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day as time permits.
Please prepare a brief song in the style of the show. Singing from the show is welcome. Bring sheet music in the correct key; accompanist is provided, but may not transpose.
Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.

Seeking (all roles are available unless otherwise specified)

Man in Chair:
Musical theater enthusiast. Neurotic, precise, mischievous, passionate. Ideally, think Tony Randall 30 years ago.

Janet Van de Graaff, the Bride:
20s - early 30s. Leggy young leading lady. Actress in this role should be a strong dancer. Acrobatic and any other bizarre skills a plus. Character is right out of a 1930s movie; a real movie star from the golden age. Sings G3 to Eb, with power.

Robert Martin, the Groom:
20s-30s. Movie-star good looks, with athletic build. Very charming, with a big smile and small brain; a deeply superficial person. Actor in this role should be a good song-and-dance man with strong tap skills, and must be comfortable on roller skates. Sings C3 to Ab4.

Underling the Butler:
Middle-aged or older. Mrs. Tottendale’s butler and comic partner. Very much the droll, refined British butler. More worldly-wise than his employer, but extremely devoted to her. Actor should have great comic skills able be able to tolerate a spit-take or two. Tap skills a plus. Sings Ab3 - Eb5.

Man, approximately 30s - 40s. “Latin lover” type; cross between Cesar Romero and Desi Arnaz. Hysterically funny, over-the-top Latin accent, complete with trilled “r”s. Needs great physical comedy skills and strong vocal control. Chews scenery for breakfast. Rich bass/baritone, A#2 to G4, with falsetto.

George, the Best Man:
40s. Shorter, character look; a regular guy-type. Very energetic and goal-oriented; a heart attack waiting to happen. Straight man to the groom. Excellent tap dancer preferred. Sings F3 to Bb4.

Kitty, a Chorine:
Late 20s-30s. Dumb but sweet chorus girl who wants to be the leading lady. Real Judy Holliday type. Has been around block, but still gets lost. Has the dumbest jokes in show, and must be able to pull them off. She and Feldzieg have a real Burns-&-Allen thing going on. Actress must be a strong dancer. Must belt; Bb3 to F5.

Woman, late 20s - late 30s. The somewhat “butch” 1920s autopilot who saves the day and flies the company off to Rio. Ab3-Eb5, belter.

The Tall Brothers:
Two men, 30s-40s. No taller than 5’8”. Former Vaudeville brother act, cast as gangsters, disguised as pastry chefs. Real tough-guy look and style, which is made humorous by the fact that they are short in stature. Looking for strong dancers, acrobatics a plus. Character baritones.


The following roles are cast. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary, and as understudies.

Mrs. Tottendale:
CAST. Middle-aged or older. Very cute, endearing and gentle. Dizzy, but not dotty. Widowed socialite who appears to be pleasantly medicated at all times. Ukulele playing and dance skills a plus. Character singing, G3 to Db5

The Drowsy Chaperone:
CAST. Woman, 40s-50s. Boozy, sexy, jaded, deadpan, wisecracking lady; Eve Arden-type. Highly comedic. Dance skills a plus. Actress must belt or have a good mix; sings F3 to D5.

Feldzieg, the Producer:
CAST. Middle-aged. Hard-nosed showbiz guy. Blustery, with strong presence. Basically a stereotype of an old-time producer, cigar-smoking wheeler-dealer. Sings Db# to Db4.

Theatre’s statement: “Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.”

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