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CROWNS - Capital Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: January 19, 2011

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CROWNS– Photo / Resume Request

Capital Repertory Theatre (Albany, NY)LORT D; $600/week *

Producing Artistic Director/Stage Director: Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill

Managing Director: Michele Desrosiers

Written By: Regina Taylor

Choreographer: Alan Weeks

Musical Director: Mark Bruckner

Casting Director: Stephanie Klapper Casting

1strehearsal: 2/8/11. Runs: 3/4/11 – 4/3/11

NYC auditions will be held on January 24, 2011,

by appointment only

Seeking submissions from

Actors' Equity Members onlyfor these particular auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume immediately to:

Please indicate in the subject line: “Crowns NYC appointments / AEA Self Submit”

Also, make sure you include a cover letter indicating which role you are submitting yourself for.

* salary note: For the first week ONLY, 4 actresses will share one two-bedroom apartment, with 2 actresses in each bedroom. *Everyone will have one-bedrooms – no share – after that. Complimentary gym membership.

CROWNS is a gospel musical about Yolanda, a teenager who is sent to live with her relatives in the South after the murder of her brother on the streets of Brooklyn. As her Grandmother and Aunts tell their personal histories through singing and the hats they wear, Yolanda experiences her own rite of passage with her own history and story to tell.

Note about the 5 ladies: The ladies in CROWNS come in all shapes and sizes. A company of three generations of women with “hattitude” will form the ensemble of CROWNS. All actresses must be experienced in harmony and gospel singing and must be able to move well, as there are significant dance passages in the show.


Mother Shaw:

40s-60s. (African counter part: Obatala-Orisha of wisdom-creativity). ALTO. The well-spring of the family and the elder who holds wisdom and compassion as her legacy. Deeply spiritual. Needs to be a singer with emotional range and conviction.


30s. (African counter part : Oya – Orisha of storms – purple). MEZZO. Flashy and has a past, Velma now expresses herself in her vivid stories and glittery hats. Knows how to have fun, but is also capable of stormy weather. Big voice.


50s (African counter part: Shango – Orisha of fire). MEZZO. The most conservative – but only because she keeps her feelings under cover – but she will let you know the rules. And don’t touch her hat! Married a minister and always did the right thing. Has a genuine insight into human condition, but likes ladies to be ladies. She has a behavior code and believes in it – and you better believe in it too!


30s (African counter part: Yemaya – Orisha of seas) MEZZO. She’s been a working girl a long time – cosmetics counter at the local department store. Prides herself on her appearance – and the ability of a hat to create mystery, flirtation, whatever the mode calls for with a hat. She’s a mother, wife and woman who really loves her hats.


30s (African counter part: Oshun – Orisha of the river and water) MEZZO. Can be extroverted or introverted – changing like the river winds. Spunky. Always wants the last word.

Male (1):

MAN: 30-40s. BARITONE. Plays all the male roles in the play: Father, Reverend, beaus of the women, and others as cast. Versatile actor with a big baritone voice. Good sense of humor. Must be able to move well – dance experience welcome.

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