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CRAZY FOR YOU - Riverside Theatre Auditions

Posted: October 10, 2014

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CRAZY FOR YOU - Submit for NYC Appointments

Riverside Theatre | Vero Beach, FL

Send To
Wojcik / Seay Casting
247 West 38th St, 10th fl
New York NY 10018

LORT Non-Rep
$812/week minimum

NYC Auditions on an upcoming date TBD by appointment only.

Seeking submissions from AEA members only for these appointments.
The AEA member must submit him/herself directly to be considered via this posting.

See breakdown.

Other Dates
First Rehearsal: 12/29/14
Opening: Tuesday 1/13/15
Closing: Sunday 2/1/15

Artistic Director: Allen D. Cornell
Director: James Brennan
Choreographer: Deanna Dys
MD: Ken Clifton
Casting: Wojcik | Seay Casting

Deadline for submission: Must be received by October 27.

Mark submissions: C4U/ LORT + role you are interested in being seen for



Bobby Child:
Attractive and charismatic leading man in the Astaire mode. Mid 20’s- Mid 30’s with a strong comic flair.
Strong vocal and dance skills a must. Tap and partnering. Must be a quadruple threat. Singer, dancer, actor and physical comedian.

Polly Baker:
Charming, energetic leading lady mid 20’s-30’s. Spunky and full of life. Can hold her own as the only woman in a town full of men. Strong vocal and dance skills a must. A star performer.

Bela Zangler:
Cultured, European Impresario in the Ziegfeld mode. Mid 30’s- early 40’s. Solid comic skills.

Lank Hawkins:
Attractive, rough-hewn cowboy/saloon keeper in his 30’s. Tall and gruff. Strong comic skills a plus.

Irene Roth:
Pampered, cultured play-girl mid 20’s- early 30’s. Should have a comic flair. Accomplished singer-dancer.

Everett Baker:
Polly’s father. Kindly, befuddled charmer. Character man mid-50’s.

Eugene Fodor:
Prototypical Britisher. An intrepid adventurer of indeterminate age. Comic.

Patricia Fodor:
Intrepid British adventuress of indeterminate age. Comic.

Ditsy show girl. A knockout comedienne. Strong dance skills a must. Accomplished singer and dancer. Must be 5’7 or taller – no exceptions.

Attractive career girl in the Eve Arden mode. Mid 20’s-30’s. Accomplished singer-dancer. Must be 5’7 or taller – no exceptions.

Lottie Child
Bobby’s business oriented and controlling mother. 50’s.

Physically impressive back-woodsman. Comic skills a plus. Bass playing a BIG plus. Please note on submission if you play. Ensemble Contract.

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