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COMPANY - The Gallery Players Auditions

Posted: August 29, 2012

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COMPANY- Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments
The Gallery Players (Brooklyn, NY)Showcase, approval pending
Producer: Mark Harborth
Director: Andrew Block
Music Director: TBD
Casting: Ian C. Lowe
1st Rehearsal: 9/15. Run: 10/20-11/11 (Rehearsals are weekday evenings, and weekends)

Brooklyn, NY auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD, by appointment only.

For consideration, email picture and resume to:

Indicate in the subject line: “COMPANY” submissions


35-40, Charismatic, leading man with character. An observer and friend to all, seemingly happy, but with a hidden pain lingering undernearth his charming surface; the single friend amongst his married social circle; BARI-TENOR

40-50, friendly, often patient alpha-husband to Sarah; an alcoholic in self-denial; BARITONE

35-45, critical, crisp, perfectionist; a karate student with food issues; married to Harry; ALTO

30-40, a Southerner, delicate and sweet; married to Peter; MEZZO/SOPRANO

30-45, a charming, supportive friend; picture of an ideal husband, and ex-husband; married to Susan; BARITONE

30-40, sweet and wise; struggles with not being as square as she seems; married to David (poss. Dana); SOPRANO

30-45, a relaxed, easy-going care-taker to both friend to Bobby and spouse to Jenny; Seeking male or female for this role. TENOR/ALTO

45-55, acerbic, salty and without a filter; a serial marrier and career drinker; ALTO

40-55, centered and patient enough to be husband to Joanne; TENOR

28-35, frantic, neurotic and full of love; can turn emotion on a dime; must be able to sing fast-paced, patter-song clearly; engaged to Paul; ALTO

30-40, patient, loving and eager to be married; engaged to Amy; TENOR

21-30, flight attendant; adorable, sexy and not as dim as she may appear to be on the surface; MEZZO/SOPRANO

25-30, fiery, hungry and aware. All ethnicities encouraged; MEZZO

25-35, sweet, sincere and sure of needing love; MEZZO

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