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CLYBOURNE PARK - Long Wharf Theatre Auditions

Posted: February 20, 2013

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CLYBOURNE PARK- Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments
Long Wharf Theatre (New Haven, CT) LORT B ($800 per week)
Written by: Bruce Norris
Director: Eric Ting
1st Rehearsal: April 9, 2013. Opening: May 15, 2013. Closing: June 2, 2013

NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD, by appointment only.
Seeking submissions fromActors' Equity Members onlyfor these auditions.

For consideration, mail picture and resume to:

Calleri Casting
70 A Greenwich Ave. #162
New York, NY 10011

Caucasian, late forties- RUSS-Angry and nihilistic since son’s suicide.Uncomfortable speaking about his feelings. Bitter against the community for turning their back on his son, Kenneth, after he returns from he Korean War, and then the family after Kenneth’s suicide. DAN- white, late forties-Hired to remove tree roots from backyard. Discovers Kenneth’s trunk that Russ had buried before he and Bev left Clybourne Park.

Caucasian, forties- BEV-Grieving mother. Hopes that moving will give her and her husband a fresh start. KATHY- Lawyer, daughter of Betsy and Karl

African-American, thirties- FRANCINE-Russ and Bev’s maid. LENA-Kevin’s wife. Proud of and a staunch supporter of the African American struggle of Clybourne Park. Concerned Steve and Lindsey’s renovations will upset historical significance of the house and neighborhood.

Caucasian, late twenties.TOM- Represents neighborhood community. KENNETH-Russ and Bev’s son, damaged from experience in the Korean War, ends up committing suicide

African-American, thirties. ALBERT- Bev’s husband. KEVIN- Lena’s husband, concerned Steve and Lindsey’s renovations will upset historical significance of the house and neighborhood.

Caucasian, thirties. KARL-Neighborhood community rep, willing to do what he must to convince Bev and Russ from selling their house to an African American couple. STEVE- Lindsey’s husband, looking to renovate home

Late twenties. BETSY-deaf, eight months pregnant. LINDSEY-pregnant, Steve’s wife, looking to renovate home.

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