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CHESTER THEATRE COMPANY 2013-14 SEASON - Chester Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: April 11, 2013

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Chester Theatre Company 13-14 Season - EPA in MA
Chester Theatre Company|Chester, MA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Lunch 1 to 2

$404/week AEA minimum

Town Hall Theatre
15 Middlefield Street
Chester, MA

Equity actors, men and women, for the 2013-14 season.

see breakdown

Please prepare a short contemporary monologue.

Full descriptions of plays available atwww.chestertheatre.orgfor reference.

Bring picture and resume stapled together.

Byam Stevens, Artistic Director

· A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
For appointment, please call Vicki at 413.354.7770
Monday-Friday, 10-3, beginning Monday, April 8, 2013; or

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.
ARMS ON FIRE by Steven Sater
Music by Duncan Sheik
Directed by Byam Stevens
Performances June 26- July 7 First Rehearsal June 3

Ulysses, a factory worker, meets Smith, a young singer on the make
. As Smith spins out his dreams for the future, he draws out Ulysses’ past, including memories of his lost love Josephina, a passionate nightclub singer. When she appears, both men must face truths about the present.


SMITH, mid-30’s – An improviser in every sense. Hip and funny. Trying to find an angle.

ULYSSES, mid to late 40’s – An immigrant from Honduras. Deep and thoughtful listener.

JOSEPHINA, early 30’s – A nightclub singer in Honduras. Has lived hard, with feeling.


by Karoline Leach
Directed by Daniel Elihu Kramer
Performances July 7-21 First rehearsal June 17

In this psychological thriller, set in Edwardian London, a con man courts lonely women, marries them, takes their life’s savings and disappears. But, Adelaide, his latest target, has a peculiar effect on him, and almost nothing seems to go as he plans.

This show has been CAST. However, actors auditioning will be considered for possible replacements

GEORGE LOVE, 35-40 – Assured, smooth, well turned out. An improviser. CAST*

ADELAIDE PINCHIN, early 30’s – A spinster, dependable, lonely, careful. Has plans. CAST*


by Annie Baker
Directed by Knud Adams
Performances July 31 - August 11 First Rehearsal July 8

Phyllis has organized “Body Awareness Week” at the college where she teaches. She and her partner Joyce, are hosting Frank, a guest artist whose nude photos are part of the event. When Joyce’s son Jared turns to Frank for advice, and Joyce considers posing for Frank, tensions rise.


JARED, early 20’s – Works at McDonald’s, studies the OED. Denies he’s got Asberger’s.

FRANK, mid 50’s – The guy who joined the commune because he believed in it (not to get laid).

The following roles have been CAST. Actors will be considered for replacements.

JOYCE, mid 50’s – A high school teacher. Earnest, honest, patient, tries hard. CAST*

PHYLLIS, mid 40’s – A college professor. Nervous in public. Not immune to PC issues. CAST*


by Lisa Peterson & Denis O’Hare
Directed by Sheila Siragusa
Performances August 15-25 First rehearsal July 22

With his battered suitcase by his side, the poet tells his story: of gods and goddesses, kings and heroes, epic battles, an endless war.

This show has been CAST. Actors will be considered for possible replacments.

THE POET mid-50’s – Weary, been traveling a long time. It costs him to tell his story. CAST*

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