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BROKEN FENCES - Stageplays Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: November 18, 2010

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BROKEN FENCES– Equity Principal Auditions

Stageplays Theatre Company (Stageplays®) LOA-NYC (approval/salary level pending)

Playwright: Steven Simoncic

Dir: Tom Ferriter

Casting Asst: Alexia Papados

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1st reh: 1/17/11. Runs 2/10-3/26 at the Baruch Performing Arts Center.

Equity Principal Auditions:

Thursday, December 2, 2010Actors' Equity Association Audition Center

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor

Lunch from 1 - 2.New York City

Please prepare a brief, contemporary monologue (any type/style).

Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.

Urban drama set in Humboldt Park, a Chicago ghetto neighborhood in transition, as the speed of gentrification accelerates and property taxes rise. Story centers on two young couples: Hoody and D, who have been in the neighborhood for years, and Czar and April, who have saved for years to buy their first home.

Hoody and D live in the old town house Hoody inherited when his mother passed away. Hoody’s half-brother Marz, and two wayward friends, Esto and Trooper, all struggling to make a living, often use Hoody’s house as a crash pad when broke. Hoody is unable to pay the property taxes now overdue on his house, and is fighting to hold onto his family home. Czar and his wife April are starting a family, and have decided to relocate from a cramped 1-bedroom apartment to a renovated townhouse in order to raise their new child in the developing multicultural community of Humboldt Park.

As Czar and Hoody struggle to maintain separate identities and accept the changes surrounding them, the play examines culture, race and socio-economics in the modern American Village with humor, humanity, dignity and pathos.

Seeking (all roles are available (i.e. not yet offered and accepted):


African American man, early 30s. Auto mechanic for a chain auto-parts service company. Struggling to hold on to his family home. D’s man.


African American woman, late 20s. No-nonsense hairdresser. Wants to settle, raise a family. Hoody’s woman.


African American man, mid 20s. Coffee shop barista. Working his way out of the “hood”.


African American man, mid 20s. Former Marine. Big guy. Runs “Boot Camp” weekend workout class.


Caucasian man, mid 20s. Grew up in an African American neighborhood. Works at a chain restaurant. Former small-time drug dealer, trying to escape the “hood”.


Caucasian man, mid 30s. Ad agency art director. Father-to-be. Wants to fit into the neighborhood. Married to April.


Caucasian woman, mid 30s. Systems analyst. Former social worker. Expectant mother. Accepting. Not suburban. Married to Czar.


Caucasian man, late 30s. Copywriter. Father; moved to suburbs to start a family. Married to Barb.


Caucasian woman, late 30s. VP of Brand Awareness for health industry firm. Mother. Married to Spence.

If unable to attend, send photo/resume to Alexia Papados, Casting Assistant, Stageplays Theatre Company, 1674 Broadway Suite 401, New York NY 10019. Do not submit electronically.

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