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BROADWAY BOUND - Chenango River Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 12, 2012

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– Equity Principal Auditions byAPPOINTMENTin Greene, NY.

Chenango River Theatre Greene, NY SPT $237/week minimum. Theatre states that it is not able to negotiate salaries higher than scale. Housing/transportation provided to out-of-area actors.

Artistic and ManagingDir: Bill Lelbach

Author: Neil Simon

StageDir:Drew Kahl

1st reh:5/7/12. Rehearses in Greene.RunsTh-Su, 5/25–6/17.

Equity Principal Auditions byAPPOINTMENT:

Sunday,April 1, 2012Chenango River Theatre

12 Noon – 8 PM991 State Highway 12

No scheduled break.Greene, NY 13778

For anappointmentin Greene, NY,call 607/656-8778 by3/26. Equity Members withoutappointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits. Noagent/manager submissions please.

Please prepare a brief monologue (two minutes or shorterrecommended). Monologues shouldbe from acontemporary American play (1950 or later). In addition, actorsmay be asked toread from the script.Blind/low vision/dyslexicperformersmayrequest an advance copy of the sideswhen making an audition appointment. Side selections will be posted atwww.chenangorivertheatre.orgafter3/20.

Please bring a photo and resume, stapled back-to-back.

Seeking(all roles are available):

Casting note:The family is Jewish and lives in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. All characters speak with a

Brooklyn-inflected dialect with the exception of Ben,who has an Eastern European accent.

EUGENE MORRIS JEROME (23) the likeable narrator and protagonist of the play. An aspiringcomedy writer.

STANLEY JEROME (28) Eugene's older brother and writing partner. Ambitious and highstrung.

KATE JEROME (50's) Eugene and Stanley's mother. The heartof the family, going through acrisis in her marriage, independent and does not doubt who she is and her value.

JACK JEROME (mid 50's) Eugene and Stanley's father. A garmentcutter for ladies raincoats. Abit beaten down by the world.

BEN EPSTEIN (late 70's) Kate's father. An Eastern European immigrant and staunch socialist.Irascible and wryly funny.

BLANCHE MORTON (mid to late 40's) Kate's younger sister, Attractive, feminine, exuberant,openly passionate woman who married well.

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