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BOEING-BOEING - Hartford Stage Auditions

Posted: September 26, 2011

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– Photo / Resume Request for NYC Appointments
Hartford Stage (Hartford, CT)LORT B; $750/week minimum
Artistic Director: Darko Tresnjak
Managing Director: Michael Stotts
Playwright: Marc Carmelitto
English Adaptation: Beverly Cross and Francis Evans
Director: Maxwell Williams
Casting Director: Paul Hardt/SH Entertainment
First Rehearsal: December 16, 2011
Opening Night: January 20, 2012
Closes: February 12, 2012

NYC auditions will be held October 18-19, by appointment only.

Seeking submissions from

Actors' Equity Members onlyfor these auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume

Important Submission Note:You must include Union/AEA affiliation and role you are submitting for in the “subject line” or your e-mail WILL NOT BE OPENED.


(30s-40s)- American architect living in Paris. Handsome, well-educated, charming, and stylish. Engaged to three air hostesses who he manages on a strict time-table, to keep them in the dark about one-another. One gets the sense that he feels an almost boyish glee about his devious doings, until his careful planning falls apart, and his confidence goes out the window.

(40s-60s)- French. Bernard’s long-time live-in maid, cook, and go-to gal. She is devoted to Bernard, although keeping up with is revolving-door lifestyle has made her weary of it, and by play’s end she has been pushed as far as she will go. Dry, at times wonderfully sarcastic, she is never afraid to say plainly what is on her mind.

(30s-40s)- American. Bernard’s school chum from back in the States, who he hasn’t seen in close to twenty years. Shy, provincial and sweet, today he would almost certainly be called a nerd. Views Bernard’s juggling-act with surprise, admiration, and awe, until he gets caught up in the whirlwind himself, and his anxiety goes through the roof.

(Late 20s-30)- American, air hostess for T.W.A. The epitome of the go-getter American, she has a surprising appetite for food and love. Very confident and very cute, though if you told her that to her face you would probably get an indignant dressing-down, and maybe even a knuckle-sandwich.

(Late 20s-30s)- German, air hostess for Lufthansa. Possessed of an intense Teutonic passion that can turn on a dime. One moment she may be cooing and cuddling, the next she may be breaking down a door. Inspires lust and fear in those around her.

(Late 20s-30s)- Italian, air hostess for Alitalia. Described by Bernard as his Italian kitten. Sexy, sultry, and ultimately much smarter, savvier, and self-reliant than one might expect from a first impression.

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