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Posted: February 13, 2012

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Barrington Stage Company 2012 Musicals

– Equity Principal Auditions

Pittsfield MA LOA, SPT (approval/salary level pending; 2011 weekly min.: $517 (LOA), $457 (SPT)).

Artistic Dir: Julianne Boyd

Managing Dir: Tristan Wilson

CD: Pat McCorkle (w/exception of BLACK SUITS (Tara Rubin Casting))

Equity Principal Auditions:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012Actors' Equity Association Audition Center

9:30 AM – 5:30 PM165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor

Lunch from 1 – 2.New York City

Please prepare a brief song. Bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided, but may not transpose. No monologues at this EPA (see 3/1 EPA notice).

Please bring a photo and resume, stapled back-to-back.

All dates are in 2012. All listed roles are available.

Mainstage productions (LOA Contracts):

Fiddler on the Roof Music: Jerry Bock. Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick. Book: Joseph Stein. Dir/Choreo: Gary John LaRosa. Mus Dir: Darren Cohen. 1st reh: 5/22. Runs 6/13-7/14.


40-50. A dairyman. Requires powerhouse actor with great presence, good voice and great sense of humor. Baritone: Low Ab - high F.

Lazar Wolf:

Middle-aged. Wealthy butcher. Requires a character man with a sense of humor and (possibly) girth. Baritone up to Eb.


20s. Tailor. Tzeitel’s suitor. Simple man; nebbish. Role for a comic character actor, Baritone or tenor: E - high F#.


20s. Student and revolutionary. Hodel’s suitor. Wants to – and believes he can – change the world. Role for a charismatic actor/singer. Baritone: B - high E.


Early 20s. Russian soldier. Chava’s suitor. Spunky, smart, handsome and knows it. Role for a strong actor/dancer/singer.


Imposing presence. Mature, sympathetic. Strong actor required. Non-singing.


Older. Great sense of humor. Role for a character actor/singer. Baritone: G-C.


40s. Tevye’s wife. Though controlling and stern, has a big heart and dreams for her children. Role for a strong actress and singer. Mezzo: Low A – Eb.


Matchmaker. Talkative, opinionated widow. Role for a character actress with humor. Alto: Low F- mid Eb.


“Reads” 19 (seeking actress 18+). Tevye’s eldest daughter. Takes after her mother. Mezzo: Low B – D#.


“Reads” 17 (seeking actress 18+). Tevye’s 2nd-eldest. Rebellious and romantic. Strong, emotional. Role for a singer/actress. Mezzo: Low B – E.

Chava / Grandma Tzeitel:

Chava: “Reads” 15 (seeking actress 18+). Tevye’s middle child. Intelligent thinker. Papa’s “little bird”. Role for a strong actress/singer/dancer. Mezzo: Low B - C. Grandma: Comic, character voice. Mezzo: C# - Eb.

SPT Contracts:

The Black Suits Score: Joe Iconis. Book: J. Iconis & Robert Maddock. Dir: John Simpkins. 1st reh: 7/24. Runs 8/16-9/2.

Garage-band rock musical set in present day suburbia. Long Island teenagers are trying to drown out the problems around them by seeking refuge in the music they make in the garage. On the surface, these kids are facing what appear to be normal and familiar adolescent issues – friendship, family, divorce, college, career, love and the transition to adulthood. But along with these challenges, they are also experiencing the fallout of a failing economy, which is making their suburban landscape and future prospects even bleaker.

These kids have a contemporary story to tell. Like other kids making music in garages before them, their story is about dreams, Pop Tarts, blue hair, records, a little weed, a little sex and yes, still dreams…and the undying and transformative coolness of rock and roll. But with the increasing dreariness of suburbia and their lack of options, theirs is not a world of real hope. It is still, however, a world of friendship and still, of course, a world of rock and roll.

Audition material suggestion:Rock song (preferably not musical theatre) that showcases your vocal and acting abilities. You are encouraged (but not required) to bring your musical instruments to as well (John: Guitar; Nato: Bass).

Note from casting personnel:Looking for “real” people more than musical theatre polish. Vocal ranges listed can be flexible. Actors (18+) of all ethnicities are encouraged to attend.


Must be believable as 16-18 years old (he will be a high school senior this fall). Earnest, hard-working, a bit nerdy, vaguely clean cut. Everyone’s mom likes him. Initiated the formation of the band. Has just started having panic attacks that stem from feeling lost, misunderstood and scared of the “real” world (these attacks escalate from “under the surface” to “all-consuming” throughout the show). Obsessively dedicated to keeping the band together as a way of fixing all his problems. Unexpectedly unstable, but not brooding. Strong rock tenor to A.


Must be believable as 19 years old (just finished first year at Merchant Marine Academy). Lives with his uncle and has been raised by various extended-family members (dad’s in jail, mom’s dead). Outwardly, wild, funny, loud, incredibly charming and likable. Inwardly, has no belief in himself and no idea what he wants out of life. His inability to express true feelings manifests itself in attention-seeking childish behavior, pyromania and explosions of violent anger and destruction. Fairly shaggy, he always wears clothes one size bigger than necessary. Not angsty. Charismatic enough to be a front man, but would never want to be a front man. Ability to play acoustic/electric guitar (or strong excitement to learn) a plus. Strong rock tenor to A.


Must be believable as 17-19 years old (just graduated high school). Endearingly dorky, takes himself seriously, high strung. Total music geek (going to Berklee in the fall). Slightly in love with his talent, but also quite self-conscious. Maybe a little chunky. Inherently unpopular, he relishes his role in the band, but is frustrated that he can’t have a stronger leadership role as the best musician. He is the one who best sees through Chris’s bullshit. Strong rock baritone to G. Ability to play drums (or strong excitement to learn) a plus.


Must be believable as 17-19 years old (just graduated high school). Weirdo, very funny, goofy but not stoner-y, childlike. Deceptively smart, even though he comes off as vacant. Has a million interests and hobbies – and yet actually does very little. Going to college for Zoology just because he likes animals. A true innocent who hasn’t been jaded by life yet. Uninhibited; doesn’t care what people say, and is not afraid to express what he feels. In the band only because he likes to hang out (doesn’t really care about the music part). Strong rock baritone to F. Ability to play bass (or strong excitement to learn) a plus.


Must be believable as 15-17 years old (will be a high school junior this fall). Cool, ordinary, fairly good student, sweet, easily excited, feels things deeply, young. She is undeniably “special” – but that something special is elusive and currently makes her look and feel very average. She’s grasping at straws, trying to figure out what kind of person she wants to be. As a result, she is trying on lots of different “personalities.” Dates Chris in part because it’s sparkly to have a boyfriend a year older. Says things without a filter. Not so much a pretty girl as a cool chick. NOT a “Mean Girl”. Wears hoodies. Strong rock belt to F#.

Mrs. Werring:

50s. Lots of heart, eccentric, hilarious, jittery, outgoing badass personality with a lot of underlying sadness. Able to keep her demons at bay fairly well. Tour manager for David Bowie in the 1970s – before she “aged out” of the rock-star-groupie lifestyle and moved to Long Island. Probably does community theatre now, has a lot of friends, and – for suburban Long Island – is an exotic woman with a crazy rock-star past. Always wanted to have a kid. “Cool neighbor” to Chris – smokes pot with him, tells him stories (that may or may not be totally true), and wants to mentor his rock band in part so that she can get “back in the game”. Always positive and encouraging with him, and her approval fuels Chris’s thought that the band can be great. Strong rock belt to F#.

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