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AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY - The Old Globe Theatre Auditions

Posted: December 3, 2010

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Old Globe Theatre|San Diego, CA

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AUGUST Casting / The Old Globe Theatre
PO Box 122171
San Diego CA92112


LORT Non-Rep
LORT B; $750/week

Please see breakdown.

Los Angeles auditions will be held early-Dec., by appointment only.

Other Dates
Deadline for submissions: Dec. 8, 2010

1st rehearsal: 4/5/11. Runs: 5/7/11-6/12/11

Artistic Associate: Bernadette Hanson
Casting Director: Samantha Barrie
Director: Sam Gold
Playwright: Tracy Letts

Please indicate in the subject line of your email:
August: Osage County – Los Angeles auditions

Breakdown These roles WILL NOT be understudied.

VIOLET WESTON. Female. Early-mid 60s. Caucasian. Wife of Beverly and mother to Barbara, Ivy and Karen. Strong and acerbic. Spends much of the play in a pill-induced haze, but through it, she should remain grounded and real. Role is quite physical in nature, so actress should be physically fit.

BEVERLY WESTON. Male. Caucasian. Mid-late 60s. Violet’s husband. An intelligent, literate man with a sarcastic wit.

BARBARA FORDHAM. Female. Mid 40s. Caucasian. The eldest of three sisters. Married to Bill and mother of Jean. She is a fighter with a ferocious wit, but she’s burying a lot of pain. She is in many ways the emotional center of the play.

BILL FORDHAM. Male. Late 40s. Caucasian. Barbara’s husband. Tries to keep an even-keel, despite the fact that his marriage is falling apart. Likes being the “good cop” in respect to his daughter.

JEAN FORDHAM. Female. Actress 18 or older to play 14-15. Caucasian. Daughter to Barbara and Bill. She acts out to seem older and wiser than her years. She is quick-witted and very bright, which plays into her teenage angst.

IVY WESTON. Female. Mid 40s. Caucasian. Violet and Bev’s middle daughter. She has shouldered a lot of abuse from her family. Its taken its toll on her confidence, but over the course of the play, she gathers the strength to fight for her own needs. She has a good heart and finds love for the first time in her 40s.

KAREN WESTON. Female. Early-mid 40s. Caucasian. The youngest daughter of Violet and Bev. She is insecure and chatty, with huge dreams and passions and a good dose of self denial to get her through the day.

MATTIE FAY AIKEN. Female. Mid-late 50s. Caucasian. Violet’s younger sister. Married to Charlie. Gregarious and self-deprecating. Takes up a lot of space. Is very hard on her son, Little Charles.

CHARLIE AIKEN. Male. Late 50s-early 60s. Caucasian. Mattie Fae’s husband. Pretty easy-going. Other people’s drama seems to roll off his back, but will be brutally honest if pushed.

LITTLE CHARLES AIKEN. Male. Mid-late 30s. Caucasian. Mattie Fae and Charlie’s son. Sweet, but kind of a knucklehead. He doesn’t understand how the world works.

JOHNNA MONTEVATA. Female. Mid- 20s. Native-American. The Westons’ housekeeper. A calming presence. No-nonsense, but in a kind way.

STEVE HEIDEBRECHT. Male. Late 40s- early 50s. Caucasian. Karen’s fiancé. Slippery. A businessman who is a smooth operator.

SHERIFF DEON GILBEAU. Male. Late 40s. Caucasian. A solid-citizen. Has made a nice life for himself as the Sheriff in the town where he grew up.

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