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ASOLO REPERTORY THEATRE 2013-14 SEASON - Asolo Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: April 17, 2013

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Asolo Repertory Theatre 2013-14 - EPA in NYC
Asolo Repertory Theatre|Sarasota, FL

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Lunch 1 to 2

C & D; $710 and $566/week current AEA Minimums

Pearl Studios NYC "500"
500 Eighth Avenue
(35th/36th Streets)
New York, NY
12th floor

AEA performers, men/women for the 2013-14 season.

See THIS breakdown for 1st half of the season info.

See separate notice listed as '2nd Half' for 2nd half of the season info.

Dramatic Auditions prepare 2 monologues, no more than 3 minutes total.

Musical Auditions prepare either a brief song (musical theatre, pop/rock, or gospel) or 16 bars (musical theatre, pop/rock, or gospel) & a 1-minute contemporary monologue. Accompanist is provided but will not transpose.

All bring TWO copies of picture and resume, glued or copied together.

Stephanie Klapper Casting

Producing Artistic Director: Michael Donald Edwards

· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.
Mertz Theatre (LORT C):

Show Boatmusic by Jerome Kern, book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Directed by Rob Ruggiero

[CAPTAIN ANDY HAWKS] Early 40s – Early 50s. Bluff, hale and hearty. Good-spirited, warm, open. A friendly father figure. Gentle, sweet, but with a touch of the showman.

[ELLIE MAY CHIPLEY] Early 20s – Early 30s. Bright and cheery, sweet. Warm-hearted yet ambitious. Funny.

[FRANK SCHULTZ] Late 20’s – Mid 30s. Good-natured, strong. Not too bright, but well-meaning. Stalwart.

[PARTHY ANN HAWKS] Early 40s – Early 50s. Pragmatic, pessimistic. Always the one who sees the harsh realities, but though she might complain, she’s devoted to her family.

[JULIE LAVERNE] Early 20’s – Early 30’s. Beautiful,talented, has an easy femininity. Eye-catching and mysterious. Hiding a deep secret.

[STEVE BAKER] Late 20s – Late 30s. Handsome, a matinee idol. Rugged and strong. Brimming with machismo.

[QUEENIE]Mid 30s – Late 40s. African-American. No-nonsense, direct. Pleasant and warm, but her personal qualities are somewhat masked by her professional demeanor.

[JOE] Late 30s – Late 40s. African-American. Strong and reliable. A bit world weary but resilient.

[MAGNOLIA HAWKS] Early 20s – Late 20s. Sweet and guileless. A charming innocent. Beautiful and not yet jaded by the world.

[GAYLORD RAVENAL] Mid 20s – Mid 30s. Dashing, handsome, and gallant, a bit of a scoundrel. There’s a good heart in there somewhere, but he’s also a bit of a cad.

[PETE GAVIN] Early 20s –Late 30s. Brooding and brutish, menacing and obsessive. A bully. SAME ACTOR ALSO PLAYS JEB.

[JEB] Any age. Burly and tough. Menacing and frightening. SAME ACTOR ALSO PLAYS PETE.

[SHERIFF IKE VALLON] Late 40s – Early 60s. Well-meaning and kind, but he ISthe law. He will not be pushed around.

[JAKE] Any age. Jaded, worldly, someone who has seen it all. A bit removed, distant.

[KIM] Early 20s – Late 20s. Just like her mother at her age. Sweet and guileless. A charming innocent. Beautiful and not yet jaded by the world.

[MOTHER SUPERIOR] Late 40s – Mid 60s. Reverent and holy, firm, serene. A sense of calm and strength.

[WILLY] Any age. Solid and hardworking, reliable and strong.

[CHARLIE] Any age. Friendly and blustery, no-nonsense.

[WINDY] Early 50s –Mid 60s. Wise and kind, steady and calm. Relaxed, at ease.

[GOVERNESS] Any age. Firm and no-nonsense, a good worker, knows her place. SAME ACTOR ALSO PLAYS LOTTIE.

[DOTTIE] Early 20s – Mid 30s. Flirty and fun, easy-going and up for a good time. Likes toparty, charming.

[LOTTIE] Early 20s – Mid 30s. Flirty and fun, easy-going and up for a good time. Likes to party, charming. SAME ACTOR ALSO PLAYS THE GOVERNESS.

[YOUNG KIM] 10 – 12. Delightful and full of energy, bright and sweet, happy, open and full of life and wonder.

[ENSEMBLE] Any age, plays multiple roles.

[ENSEMBLE] Any age, plays multiple roles.

[ENSEMBLE] Any age, plays multiple roles.

[ENSEMBLE] Any age, plays multiple roles.

Philadelphia, Here I Come!by Brian Friel
Directed by Frank Galati

[PUBLIC GAR] Early 20s – Early 30s. Engaging and outgoing, a fun and cheery young man, idealistic. Sometimes prone to bouts of melancholy and introspection, a dreamer. Filled with yearning and longing.

[PRIVATE GAR] Early 20s – Early 30s. The inner self of Public Gar. His “spirit,” conscience, secret thoughts, and id, if you will. Feels everything intensely. The emotional highs are very high and the lows devastating. Passionate, mercurial.


Other Desert Citiesby Jon Robin Baitz
Directed by Greg Leaming

[POLLY WYETH] Early 60s – Late 70s. Elegant, forthright, whip-smart. The consummate wealthy Reaganite housewife – nothing is ever out of place and her feathers are never ruffled.

[LYMAN WYETH] Early 60s – Late 70s. Sturdy in the way of old Californians of a particular type. Described as “oak-like.”


Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spikeby Christopher Durang
Directed by Peter Amster

[MASHA] Late 40s – Late 50s. Glamorous and successful actress. A high society world traveler. Conscious of the fact that she’s the main family breadwinner. Self involved and over-the-top.

[CASSANDRA] Early 20s – Early 60s. Cleaning lady and soothsayer. Mystical, earthy, warm. Friendly and easygoing but tough when necessary. African-American.

The roles of SONIA, VANYA, NINA, and SPIKE Have Been Cast

The Grapes of Wrathby John Steinbeck, adapted by Frank Galati
Directed by Michael Donald Edwards

[ELIZABETH SANDRY/ENSEMBLE] Late 30s – Mid 50s. Righteous and full of fire, a true believer. Judgmental and slightly vicious towards those who do not share her beliefs.

[TOM JOAD] Early 20s – Late 20s. Solid, strong, a bit rough. Deep down, a good-hearted young man, but one who has been disillusioned by life. Struggles to do the right thing. Has a hot temper that he struggles to control.

[CONNIE RIVERS/ENSEMBLE] Early 20s – Late 20s. Gentle, means well but unable to live up to the challenges life puts before him. Slightly lazy, prone to being a layabout, cowardly.

[WINFIELD JOAD] 10 – 12.Full of energy, bright and sweet, happy, open and full of life and wonder.

[RUTHIE JOAD] 10 – 12. Full of energy, bright and sweet, happy, open and full of life and wonder.

[1stCAMP GIRL/ENSEMBLE] 10 – 12. Full of energy, bright and sweet, happy, open and full of life and wonder.

[SON OF MAN IN BARN/ENSEMBLE] 10 – 12.Tired, hungry, frightened. Beaten down by life, but still scrappy. A fighter.

[CAMP PROPRIETOR/ENSEMBLE] Any age. Solid, working-class. No-nonsense, not afraid to defend what’s his. A bit hard.

[MAN GOING BACK/ENSEMBLE] Any age. Bitter, disillusioned, profoundly wounded by misfortune.

[WILLY/ENSEMBLE] Any age. Officious, no-nonsense, firm and forthright. Someone who knows the rules and upholds them.


HERO: The Musicalmusic and lyrics by Michael Mahler, book and concept by Aaron Thielen
Directed by David H. Bell

[HERO BATOWSKI] Late 20s – Early 30s. Genial, sweet, adreamer. Incredibly talented artist but keeps it hidden. Still reeling from personal tragedy that happened years ago and he never moved on.

[AL BATOWSKI] Early 50s – Early 60s. Funny and charming, a big kid himself and kind of a soft touch. Loves his son,but worries about what will happen to him if he can’t get out of the rut he’s in. Somewhat physically weakened after a heart attack a few years ago and a leg injury sustained in a car crash ten years ago.

[JANE FOSTER] Late 20s – Early 30s. Extremely positive, has the ability to make the world around her a happier, better place. Makes everyone around her better. Powerful heart, even though it has been often broken. Needed to discover the power to protect herself.

[KIRK] Late 20s – Early 30s.Fearless. Fiercely loyal. Ability to communicate with anyone and get what he wants. Super human charm. Funny and a bit of a self-professed ladies’ man.

[SUSAN SCHMITTY] Late 20s – Early 30s.Superior organizational skills. Incredibly self-protective exterior. A bit of a loner and very awkward, but a giant heart lurks underneath her outer shell. Quirky and endearing.

[NATE] 10 – 12. Expert chess player. He is independent and wise beyond his years, but a bit socially awkward. For his size, he is very strong and quick.

[TED] Late 20s – Early 30s. Professional slacker, but very sweet, smart, and kind. A good soul.

[KYLE] Early 40s – Late 40s. Wise, caring, and kind. A bit lost in life, but gets a lot out of helping others.

[ADELE] Early 20s – Late 30s. A Guardian Angel who protects Al and Hero, she is Hero’s mother who died in a car crash ten years ago. Beautiful, wise, mysterious, and ethereal.

[JOHN TIMMONS] Late 30s – Early 50s. No-nonsense, firm, and businesslike, but a genuinely good person. Willing to take a chance on those he recognizes as talented.

[ENSEMBLE] Any age, plays multiple roles.

[ENSEMBLE] Any age, plays multiple roles.

Historic Asolo Theater (LORT D):

4000 Milesby Amy Herzog
Director: TBA

[VERA JOSEPH] Late 70s – Early 90s. Physically tiny and verging on frail, but buoyant of spirit and energy. Forthright and plain spoken. Sharp despite her years.

[AMANDA] Late teens – Mid 20s. Pretty, fashion-forward, party girl. Giggly and fun. Smart and feisty. Chinese-American.

The roles ofBEC and LEO JOSEPH-CONNELL Have Been Cast

Asolo Rep is also seeking mature men and women,and young men and women, to fill understudy roles throughout the 2013-2014 season.

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