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ASOLO REPERTORY THEATRE 2011-12 SEASON - Asolo Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: May 4, 2011

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Asolo Repertory Theatre 2011-12 (FPTA Auditions)

- OPEN Auditions by APPOINTMENT in Vero Beach, FL

Florida Professional Theatres Association

5555 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida 34243

LORT C ($710/week minimum) and LORT D ($566/week minimum).

Casting Representative: Lauryn Sasso, Literary Manager/Casting Director

Producing Artistic Director: Michael Donald Edwards

FPTA OPEN Auditions (Equity and non-Equity actors) by APPOINTMENT

Sunday May 22, 2011 at Riverside Theatre

8:45 AM – 5:50 PM 3250 Riverside Park Drive

ANDVero Beach, Florida

Monday, May 23, 2011

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Asolo Repertory is one of the theatres participating in the FPTA Auditions.

For Dramatic Auditions prepare two monologues, no more than three minutes total.

For Musical Auditions prepare either a brief song (musical theatre, pop/rock, or gospel) or 16 bars of a song (musical theatre, pop/rock, or gospel) and a one-minute contemporary monologue. An accompanist is provided on both days.

As other theatres will also be represented at these auditions, to be considered for all, please bring 25 copies of Picture and Résumé, glued or copied together.

For an appointment, register with FPTA by visiting filling out their online form by May 16, 2011. Active Equity members are NOT required to pay a fee. Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout any audition days, as time permits.

2011-12 Season, with available Equity roles listed.

Mertz Theatre (LORT C):


Music by Frederick Loewe, Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

Director: Frank Galati

1st Rehearsal: 10/18/11. Runs: 11/18 – 12/23/11


British, upper class professional bachelor, world famous phonetics expert, teacher and author of 'Higgins' Universal Alphabet.' BARITONE. Any Ethnicity. Early 40s.


Retired British officer with colonial experience and the author of 'Spoken Sanskrit.' BASS/BARITONE. Any Ethnicity. 60s


Upper class young man who becomes completely smitten with Eliza. TENOR. Any Ethnicity. 20s.


Eliza's father; an elderly but vigorous dustman. TENOR. Any Ethnicity. 60s - 70s.

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill:

A friend of Mrs. Higgins' and Freddy's mother. SOPRANO. Any Ethnicity. 60s.


A cockney flower girl from Lisson Grove working outside Covent Garden. Her potential to become 'a lady' becomes the object of a bet between Higgins and Pickering. SOPRANO. Any Ethnicity. 18 - 20 yrs.

Mrs. Higgins:

Henry's long-suffering mother. ALTO. Any Ethnicity. 60s.

1st & 2nd Cockney:

In Covent Garden Market; Forming the male cockney quartet. TENOR. Any Ethnicity. 20s - 50s

1st & 2nd Maid:

Henry Higgins household. SOPRANO. Any Ethnicity. 20s - 40s

The Equity Role of Zoltan Karpathy Has Been Cast.


By George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart

1st Rehearsal: 12/1/11. Closes: 12/23/11


Late 20s – Early 30s. Clean-cut, good looking, All-American. Guileless and a bit naïve, yet sincere, genuine, and likeable.


Early 30s – Early 40s. Slick and suave, a wheeler-dealer, a natural salesman. Sharp and smart, a bit of a schemer, but also very likeable.


Mid 20s – Mid 30s. Tall, slender, attractive. Biting, sharp, and incisive. Intelligent and witty, driven, yet graceful and elegant, sure of herself. A bit world-weary.

The Equity Roles of Rudolph Kammerling, Metterstein, Weisskopf, and Herman Glogauer Have Been Cast.


By Yazmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton

1st Rehearsal: 12/2/11. Runs: 1/13/21 – 4/6/12


Late 30s – Mid 40s. Serious, somewhat scholarly, has the appearance of refinement, a bit of a liberal earth-mother type who has become wealthy and upper class.


Late 30s – Mid 40s. Professional businesswoman, elegant on the surface, a touch hard, yet prone to terrible attacks of nerves.

The Equity Roles of Alan and Michael Have Been Cast


by Leah Napolin and Isaac Bashevis Singer, based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story “Yentl the Yeshiva Boy”

1st Rehearsal: 12/15/11. Runs: 1/20/12 – 4/28/12



Early 20s – Mid 60s. Citizen of a small town, shopkeeper or merchant, reverent, Orthodox.


Early 20s – Late 20s. Youthful, studious yet playful, a Torah scholar.


Late 20s – Mid 60s. Solemn, a healer, though not necessarily trustworthy or good at his job, perhaps a bit of a quack.


Early 20s – Mid 60s. Citizen of a small town, shopkeeper or merchant, reverent, Orthodox.


Early 20s – Late 20s. Youthful, studious yet playful, a Torah scholar.


Early 30s – Mid 60s. Pleasant, professional tailor, a bit harried, a bit of a joker.


Early 20s – Early 30s. Tall, dark haired, pale, studious, has a burning intensity in his gaze. There is a sense of boyish fun in him, but it is buried under his sense of duty and his religious calling.


Late teens – Early 20s. Blonde, extremely beautiful. Sweet, docile, charming, pliant. Lovely in both face and spirit.


Late teens – Early 20s. Studious, intelligent, independent, and fierce. Devoted to her faith. Not classically beautiful, but there is an intense quality that makes her captivating; could believably pass as a boy.

The Roles of Reb Todrus, Fulcha, Feitl, Frumka, and Reb Vishkower

have been CAST.


by William Shakespeare, adapted by Michael Donald Edwards and Eduardo Machado, translated by Eduardo Machado

Directed by Michael Donald Edwards

1st Rehearsal: 2/10/12. Runs: 3/23/12 – 5/13/12



Mid 40s – Mid 50s. Fluent in Spanish and English. Latina. Regal, noble of bearing, has an air of resigned melancholy about her.


Early 50s – Mid 60s. Fluent in Spanish and English. Open ethnicity. Hard, cunning, a king by force by not by nature. Scheming and a bit arrogant.


Early 20s – Late 20s. Fluent in Spanish and English. Latino. Troubled, rebellious, intelligent, passionate about finding the truth. Possibly mad.


Early 20s – Late 20s. Fluent in Spanish and English. Mixed ethnicity. Noble, a scholar and a soldier. A natural leader, a bit impetuous.

Player King:

Early 20s – Mid 60s. Any ethnicity. Must have facility with Spanish. Clever, world-worn, has spent a life on the road with an acting company.


Early 20s – Late 20s. Fluent in Spanish and English. Mixed ethnicity. Beautiful both in face and spirit, youthful, innocent, delicate and fragile. Eventually mad.

The Roles of Polonius and The Gravedigger Have Been CAST


by Noël Coward

1st Rehearsal: 1/24/12. Runs: 5/13/12


Will Banbury:

Early 30s – Late 40s. Bluff and hearty, pleasant. Upper-middle class, a bit bland but likeable.

Fred Sterroll:

Early 30s – Late 40s. Bluff and hearty, pleasant. Upper-middle class, a bit bland but likeable.

Jane Banbury:

Early 30s – Early 40s. Elegant, refined, prone to nerves, a bit catty when need be, yearning for something more in life.

Julia Sterroll:

Early 30s – Early 40s. Sharp and bright, elegant, a bit catty when need be, yearning for something more in life.

The Roles of Maurice and Saunders Have Been CAST


by Liz Brixius

1st Rehearsal: 3/8/12. Runs: 3/30/12 – 4/22/12


Teri Horton:

Early 60s – Late 70s. Gritty, hard as nails, funny, takes no guff from anyone. Hardworking, blue-collar, former truck driver. Working class but determined to rise above.

The Roles of The Man and The Friend Have Been CAST

Asolo Rep is also seeking mature men and women, and young men and women, to fill understudy roles throughout the 2011-2012 season.

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