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AS YOU LIKE IT - Shakespeare Theatre Co. of DC Auditions

Posted: May 5, 2014

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AS YOU LIKE IT - Submit for NY Appointment

Shakespeare Theatre Company of DC | Washington, DC

Send To

email picture and resume
to above email address
. NY .

Indicate in subject line: AS YOU LIKE IT / NY APPT / AEA SUBMISSION

LORT Non-Rep
$812 / week AEA minimum

Submissions from AEA members only for these auditions.
Note: AEA members must submit themselves directly in order to be considered.

NY appointment auditions will be held 5/18-5/23.

see breakdown.

Other Dates
Callbacks: 5/23
1st reh: 9/18
Performs: 10/23 - 12/7 (possible extension to 12/14)

Artistic Director: Michael Kahn
Director: Michael Attenborough
Written by William Shakespeare
Casting Director: Carter Niles

Email to:


(20s) a shepherdess, who disdains the love of Silvius. Sassy, stubborn, and full of herself. Actress does not need to be “drop dead gorgeous.”

(20s) a goatherd who ends up with Touchstone. Homely but buxom, a real country girl, the opposite of the courtly Touchstone.

(late 40s to 50s) one actor will play both roles. Frederick is angry, volatile, paranoid, and always looking over his shoulder. He is desperate not to lose power. Duke Senior is generous, philosophical, and light hearted. He inspires loyalty in those around him. Actor playing both roles must have gravitas and an emotional edge, and must have great skill with language.

(30s to 50s) The clown in Duke Frederick’s court. Characterization will focus on the character’s cynicism and irony. This is a character who lives off a sense of superiority to others. We are not looking for the ever-loveable witty clown, but want an actor who will go along with this refocused characterization.

(late 20s) Le Beau is a courtier in Duke Frederick’s court. He is witty and gossipy. Jaques is the middle brother to Oliver and Orlando; he is an attractive, masculine young leading man. Must understudy.

(20s or 30s) A wrestler: imposing physicality, has a combination or brain and brawn, is politically savvy. Must be tall (6 feet and over), have a wrestler’s build, and exceptional muscles.

(early to mid-30s) Orlando’s older brother. He is menacing and frightening when we first see him. When his life is saved by his brother, he becomes open-hearted, generous, and loving. Actor must have extraordinary range to play both sides of this character.

(40s) a Shepherd, he attempts to counsel his friend Silvius, in the ways of love. He has a quiet dignity about him; affable, gentle-hearted, and earthy. Must understudy.

(20s) A hopeless romantic, in love with Phoebe. Sweet, delightful, young, and puppyish.

(60s to 70s) Servant to Oliver. Sympathetic old man you have to love him and trust him. He is loyal, devoted, and sweet. Actor must be able to play a sick old man, and must be able to be carried by Orlando. Must Understudy.

(30s to 50s) An exile in the Forest of Arden, must sing very well.

(40s to 60s) slightly older, doddery local parish vicar. Must understudy.

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