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ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA - Opera House Arts Auditions

Posted: February 7, 2012

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– Equity Principal Auditions by


Opera House Arts Stonington, ME SPT $273/week minimum. Theatre states that it pays $323/week + pension/health.

Artistic Dir: Judith Jerome

Author: Shakespeare

Dir: Craig Baldwin

1st reh: 6/11/12. Runs 7/12-7/15 and 7/19-7/22.Seeking:

Equity Principal Auditions by


Saturday, February 25, 2012Stonington Opera House

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM1 School Street

Lunch from 1 - 2.Stonington, ME 04681

Auditions in Theatre. Report to office below first.

For an

appointment,call 207/367-2788 (M-F, 11-5). Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits.

Please prepare a Shakespeare monologue (3 minutes or less).

Please bring a photo and resume, stapled back-to-back.

Seeking 10-actor ensemble (M/F, all ethnicities and ages). All roles/tracks are available. Note: Actors in four of the roles/tracks in this production will also perform in a separate production, 10 REAL STAR ACTS: A 1912 VAUDEVILLE SHOW. Watch for notice of separate Equity auditions for that production.


40-50. Leader of men. Physically strong. Passionate and charming.Masculine and earthy.Has been a leader in major global politics, fought in wars, travelled the world and seen everything.But now he has discovered a love that is more important than any of that.


30-40. Leader of men. Physically striking, though her beauty need not be conventional. Passionate, witty and magnetic. Can lead armies, play shrewd political games, make tough decisions and wrap men around her finger. But now she finds herself in the throes of true love for the first time, and it may destroy her.

Octavius Caesar:

21-30.Always in control of his emotions. Incredible intelligence. Shrewd, sly and stoic. A politician and a strategist, not a soldier. Lithe.

Enobarbus / Clown:

Two-character track (males, 30-50) for one actor. Enobarbus: Man's man. Antony's best friend and greatest soldier. Loves his beer and his women, but is charming in his earthiness. Loyal to Antony to the death, but breaks that loyalty to his own demise. Physically imposing. Actor also plays a Clown.

Charmian / Maecenas:

Two-character track (female and male, 20-30) for one female actor. Charmian: Cleopatra's right-hand woman, best friend and confidant. She is smart, sexy and enjoys having fun and being girlish. Would love to find a husband and have babies. Maecenas: Octavius Caesar's right-hand man. Master strategist, skillful orator. He is androgynous, sly and cold.

Iras / Agrippa:

Two-character track (female and male, 20-30) for one female actor. Iras: Woman. Cleopatra's friend and attendant. Attractive, sweet and quite spiritual. Maybe slightly naïve, but not weak. Agrippa: Man. Octavius Caesar's general. Another master strategist. Strong, cold and single-minded.

Alexas / Menas:

Two-character track (males, 21-30) for one actor. Alexas: One of Antony's middle-ranked soldiers. Young, aspiring man, trying to make his way through a world of shifting allegiances and political games and come out unscathed. This adaptation of the script puts him throughout the entire play -- e.g. he is the messenger whom Cleopatra nearly kills, he eventually deserts Antony for Caesar, then warns Cleopatra of her impending doom in the final part of the play. Menas: Menacing pirate and mercenary, looking for quick money and power.

Lepidus / Soothsayer / Eros:

Three-character track (males, 30-50) for one actor. Lepidus: Third member of the triumvirate government formed with Antony and Octavius Caesar. Trying to play both sides makes him nervous, ineffectual and a kiss-ass. Soothsayer: Spiritual advisor in Cleopatra's cabinet. Can sense the future. Eros: Soldier of Antony's. Fights valiantly, and ultimately sacrifices himself for Antony. Skillful character actor, capable of transforming between roles, is needed.

Mardian / Octavia:

Two-character track (male and female 20-30) for one male or female actor. Mardian: Eunuch in Cleopatra's entourage. Surprisingly witty. Eventually becomes an important ambassador for Cleopatra. Octavia: Sister of Octavius Caesar. Meek, quiet and pretty, and determined to do right. Gets sacrificed in her brother's political games. This actor will have to play across gender, and should have a youthful, androgynous quality.

Pompey / Ambassador / Scarus:

Three-character track (males, 30-40) for one actor. Pompey: Passionate and noble. Has lost his rightful place in the government because of political machinations. Maneuvers to overthrow them, but ultimately chooses honor over wealth and power. Ambassador: Sent from Rome to bring Antony back from Egypt. Scarus: Experienced and highly ranked soldier fighting with Antony. Physically strong and toughened by years of fighting. Strong, masculine character actor needed.

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