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ALLENBERRY PLAYERS 2015 SEASON - Allenberry Playhouse Auditions

Posted: February 11, 2015

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Allenberry Players 2015 EPA in NYC

Allenberry Playhouse | Boiling Springs, PA

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions

10:00 am-6:00 pm
(lunch 1:00-2:00 pm)

$425/week and a meal with every performance

Chelsea Studios
151 West 26th Street
New York, NY
6th Floor

Equity actors, male and female for 2015 season. See breakdown for more information.


Please prepare a short monologue (if you would like to considered for the plays) and/or one song. An accompanist will be present.

Please bring a current headshot and resume stapled together.

Other Dates
See breakdown for rehearsal, opening, and closing dates.

PA EPA 2/22, 2 to 10 pm, at Allenberry Resort

Allenberry Players Inc. operates out of a historic country 57 acre resort located in the heart of Central Pennsylvania and entering it’s 66th season of continual operation.

Ryan Gibbs, Artistic Director will be present at the NYC auditions.
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.



Dir: Ryan Gibbs

1st reh: April 7
Open April 22
Close May 10

Neils Simon’s Classic Comedy- where the whole show is set within the same room at the Plaza Suite Hotel. 3 different stories with the same 4 actors playing all the roles. (2 will be AEA contracts)

Karen Nash – Middle-aged house wife and mother; a pleasant affable woman who has let weight and age take their natural course.

Sam Nash – Her equally middle-aged husband who is fighting his age. Just turned 50 but his clothes and figure is that of a man 20 years younger.

Jean McCormack – Sam's 28-year old secretary and lover. Think intelligent bomb-shell.

Waiter – A Puerto Rican (Hispanic actors encouraged to audition); appears in all three plays.

Bellhop – A young 20-something college student.

2nd play is: Visitor From Hollywood

Jesse Kiplinger – A Hollywood movie writer in New York to sign John Houston to direct his next movie. A 40ish, confident, self-assured man on the prowl for his next sexual conquest.

Muriel Tate – Jesse’s ex-girlfriend from high school now a wife and mother; late 30s and extremely attractive; she is a warm and easy-smiling woman who seems as naive and vulnerable as the day she graduated from Tenafly High School.

3rd play is: Visitor From Forest Hills

Norma Hubley – A middle-aged mother-of-the-bride dressed in her best clothes for the daughter's wedding.

Roy Hubley – Dressed in a tux; he is a volatile, explosive man equipped to handle the rigors of the competitive business world, but is out of his element when dealing with his daughter’s wedding.

Dir: Ryan Gibbs
Chor: Dann Dunn

1st Reh April 28
Open May 13
Close June 14

A juke box musical about the women’s liberation movement told through the British Female pop of the 60s and 70s. (2 will be AEA contracts)

Character Breakdown:

Blue Girl: A blue-blooded fashion model. Sophisticated, poised, and cool. She is vain and not particularly friendly.
Female, 20-30 yrs old
Range: F3 – F5

Green Girl: A good-time girl. Blousy, middle-class, and zany. She is a bit frayed at the edges, and hopelessly single. A comedian of sorts.
Female, 30-40 yrs old
Range: F3 – F5

Girl: The ''mother'' of the group. Domestic and maternal, she is wise, soulful, and mature. Slowly asserting her new-found independence.
Female, 35-45 yrs old
Range: F3 – B5

Red Girl: The ''baby'' of the group, she is an exciting blend of youthful contradictions. Quirky, enthusiastic, and naïve. A hopeless romantic who is insecure about her looks.
Female, 18-25 yrs old
Range: F3 – G5

Yellow Girl: A loud, uninhibited American girl driven by her emotions. She is a ray of sunshine with a surprising vulnerability. Possesses a big, rock diva belt.
Female, 25-35 yrs old
Range: F3 – E5

Dir: Ryan Gibbs
Chor: TBA

1st Reh May 27
Open June 17
Close July 19

A new take on the Shoeless Joe Hardy Scandal of the 1950s. Roles that are being considered for 2 AEA contracts on this show:

Joe Boyd (50-65): (later called Joe Hardy): A middle-aged baseball fanatic, Joe would do anything to help his beloved Washington Senators take the pennant, including selling his soul. He strikes a deal with the devil, who transforms him into a young slugger who saves the season for the Senators. However, the deal also requires Joe to give up his life, including his beloved wife, excellent singer, baritone

Meg Boyd (40-60): Joe's wife, Meg is devoted and understanding, loving, mature, excellent singer, mezzo. When Joe disappears, she continues to hope against hope that he will return.

Joe Hardy (18-28): Respectful, athletic, young, clean-cut, all-American type, excellent singer, baritone. Joe Hardy is who Joe Boyd becomes when he makes his deal with Applegate.

Lola (25-35): Ultimate seductress, works for Applegate, excellent dancer, singer, actress, belt range. Lola is assigned to seduce Joe and take his mind off his wife, thus fulfilling his contract and losing his soul to the devil. However, deep inside, Lola has a soft heart, especially for Joe.

Van Buren (35-60): The hard-working manager of the Washington Senators with great heart but no luck, must sing well, baritone.

Dir: Ryan Gibbs
Chor: Dann Dunn

1st Reh July 2
Open July 22
Close August 30

Rogers and Hammerstein haunting and beautiful story about love and struggle on South Pacific Campaign of World War 2. Roles that are being considered for 2 AEA contracts on this show:

Female; Caucasian; mid 20s-40; an optimistic and simple Navy nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas who falls in love with Emile; must have subtle comic timing, strong mezzo

Male; Caucasian; leading man; 40-55; a wealthy, cultured and dignified French plantation owner with grit and glamour who falls in love with Nellie; Strong baritone; actors with operatic background strongly encouraged

Male; Caucasian; 18-30; a young, formal and good-looking officer who falls in love with Liat; must be masculine with a good physique and believable as a member of the Army; soaring Tenor (E3 to G4);

Female; Tonkinese; 35-55; a shrewd souvenir dealer who is also trying to find her daughter a rich husband; brassy, sexy, charactery; must have great subtle comic timing; strong mezzo

Dir: Ryan Gibbs
Chor: Elizabeth Angelozzi

1st Reh August 13
Open September 2
Close October 4

A modern take on Romeo and Juliet with a fun twist. The musical version of ''The Romancers.'' Roles that are being considered for 2 AEA contracts on this show:

THE ACTOR (HENRY) An aging, over-the-top Thespian who specializes in reciting Shakespeare, he is a commedia clown; his world is the stage and he knows no other reality.
Male, 50-70 yrs old
Speaking Role

THE MAN WHO DIES (MORTIMER) Henry's goofy sidekick and another former actor who specializes in stage deaths. A commedia clown, his world is the stage and he does not live in reality.
Male, 30-50 yrs old -

THE NARRATOR (EL GALLO) A rakish, handsome, sophisticated gallant and narrator of the show. He is warm, cordial, and inviting to the audience, but has his own darker moments. He aids the performers in orchestrating the story.
Male, 30-50 yrs old
Range: Ab2 - G4

Dir: Ryan Gibbs

1st Reh September 22
October 7
Close November 1

Broadway’s longest running two person, cat and mouse thriller.

Andrew Wyke is ''…a strongly built, tall, fleshy man of 57, gone slightly to seed. His fair hair carries on it the suspicion that chemical aid has been involved to keep the grey at bay. His face, sourly amused and shadowed with evaded self-knowledge, is beginning to reflect the absence of constant, arduous employment.'' Andrew is an immensely successful mystery writer. His home reflects his obsession with the inventions and deceptions of fiction and his fascination with games and game-playing. He lures his wife’s lover, Milo Tindle, to the house and convinces him to stage a robbery of her jewelry, a proposal that sets off a chain of events that leaves the audience trying to decipher reality.

Milo Tindle is ''…about 35, slim, dark-haired, and of medium height. He has a sharp, sallow face alive with a slightly Mediterranean wariness. Everything about him is neat from his exactly parted hair to the squared off white handkerchief in the breast pocket of his blue mohair suit.'' Milo has to also convincingly disguise his voice and mannerisms in order to play characters Inspector Doppler, Police Constable Higgs, and Detective Sergeant Tarrant. He comes into Andrew Wyke’s life because he is having an affair with Wyke’s wife, Marguerite. Milo, who is younger than Wyke, is ensconced in the romance of his affair.

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