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ADIRONDACK THEATRE FESTIVAL 2016 SEASON - Adirondack Theatre Festival Auditions

Posted: January 27, 2016

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Adirondack Theatre Festival 2016 - Glens Falls EPA

Adirondack Theatre Festival | Glen Falls, NY

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions

Monday, February 8, 2016
9 AM to 5 PM
Lunch 2 to 3

Cat. 5; $393/week

Charles R. Wood Theater
207 Glen Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

Equity actors for various roles in the upcoming 2016 Summer Season.

See breakdown for more details.

Please prepare a 1min contemporary monologue. If auditioning for a musical, please prepare 32 bars of a contemporary song. Please provide a headshot/resume stapled together.

Other Dates
See breakdown for show dates


Chad Rabinovitz, Producing Artistic Director
· A monitor will

not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

AEA members call 518-798-7479 for an appointment.
AEA members without appointments seen as time permits.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.



Words by Sam Carner
Music by Derek Gregor
Directed by Marlo Hunter

The rush of the city keeps rhythmic time, and five young people traveling down uncertain paths are caught up in the pulse of life in New York. This inspiring new musical from the acclaimed songwriting duo, Carner & Gregor, examines the struggle of finding love, the struggle of finding success, and above all, the struggle of finding yourself in a big city where everyone seems somehow interconnected.

OPEN: June 21, 2016
CLOSE: July 2, 2016


Late-20s. An ambitious, sexy lawyer. She works hard and plays hard. Deeply engrossed in a dysfunctional love affair with the city.

23. Fresh out of a creative writing program, she is a bit aimless, but a firecracker and well-read. In the manner of someone searching for an identity, she's almost-alternative, boasting the requisite accouterments, without being fully committed. Compelled to write, but has no idea where or how to begin.

18-22. Earnest and driven, he's left his small Midwestern town to pursue his acting dream. A bit of a loner, unpolished, but a true romantic -- we see the beauty of the city through his eyes.

Late 20s. An Architect. Midwestern, sweet and less-than slick. Taking the city on a test drive but a suburbanite at heart.

“Late-early” 30s. Independently financially secure, she is driven by a need to fill the empty space of life and a deep desire to connect, but she can't seem to get out of her own way. A real Carol Burnett type. Lonely. A New York native and amateur singer. She speaks quickly.


By Zoe Samuel
Directed by Benjamin Kamine

When the old Earl of Whitelingham dies leaving debts in the millions and an estate about to foreclose, the family tries to save its future by doing what anyone would do: stealing a priceless (and hideous) painting and selling it on the black market. The only problem? Everyone thinks they're working alone and no one knows which painting to steal. In just a single afternoon, countless identities are mistaken, crazy cats are hunted, paintings are set on fire (and maybe the cat too), and one accidental murder could save the day in this hysterical modern farce that will keep you laughing until the very end.

OPEN: July 12, 2016
CLOSE: July 22, 2016


VENETIA DANSING, Countess of Whitelingham

JENNA HARFORD, an art valuer


RJ FISHER, a record producer

PEREGRINE DANSING, Earl of Whitelingham

TED DANSING, Viscount Illingbury, Venetia and Peregrine's son


CECIL BAINES, the Whitelinghams' butler

ALISTAIR MOUNTBANK, an artist and family friend Graham, a handyman

The following roles may be doubled:
Annabel / RJ
Henry / Alistair
Peregrine / Graham


Book by Christy Hall
Music & Lyrics by Scott Alan
Directed by Chad Rabinovitz

Katherine escaped from her small Texas home and her hypochondriac mother 9 years ago. When she finally steps back into her childhood home, Katherine is immediately overwhelmed by the familiar. Every room seems to have a story. Every corner of the house holds another recollection. Katherine's memories become so vivid, in fact, they appear to come alive before her eyes. Both humorous and heartbreaking, HOME explores parenting and childhood with unflinching honesty, questioning what it means to grow older, and whether we truly have the capacity to grow up.

OPENS: July 28, 2016
CLOSE: August 5, 2016


MIRIAM, 60s – Does not need to be a strong singer.


KAT, 22 / YOUNG MIRIAM (younger version of Katherine)

KATIE, 13 (younger version of Katherine)


Starring Marc Summers
by Alex Brightman
with music by Drew Gasparini
Directed by Chad Rabinovitz

Marc Summers is an icon of a generation. You may know him from his time hosting Nickelodeon’s DOUBLE DARE and Food Network’s UNWRAPPED, or as the Producer of hits like DINNER: IMPOSSIBLE and RESTAURANT: IMPOSSIBLE, but now you get the chance to meet the real Marc Summers – a man who’s led a fascinating life of fame and frustration. EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE is a guided tour through Marc’s life, from an early obsession with magic to his notable television career to his appearance on Oprah announcing his ongoing battle with OCD. Marc stars in this tell-all about his life, his disorder, and taking the physical challenge. Get ready for games, music, magic, and Double Dare!

OPENS: August 10, 2016
CLOSE: August 13, 2016


KEVIN (18-25) A kid who doesn't necessarily know who Marc Summers is. He has to see Everything In Its Place: The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers for school credit. Tasked with the unenviable job of playing everyone in Marc Summers' life, Kevin learns that he has a knack for this acting thing. He throws himself into the different roles, creating as he goes, trying to keep up with the rapid pace of the show. Looking for a great character actor who can change on a dime and deadpan like it's his job. Kevin also plays piano and sings (any range is acceptable)...something he didn't know he could do.

The role of MARC SUMMERS has been CAST (with himself).


30 DAY MOURNING PERIOD (or the Revolution That Occurred When Mr. Clybourne Killed Himself and Thus Was Unable to Come Into Work Thursday Morning)
by Hank Greene
Directed by TBA

Larry, Susan and Craig, are locked in a monotonous digital ad sales job that’s slowly draining each of them. But everything changes when their boss, Mr. Clybourne, kills himself one morning, and their company grants their entire office a 30-day "mourning period" without sales goals, dress codes, or any corporate oversight whatsoever. Spurred on by the idea of a new adventure, the three thrust themselves into their own tale of rebellion, and over the course of this mourning period, they build a castle out of office supplies, encounter an army of rats, fight with water balloons, drink excessive amounts of tequila, discover meaning in their previously meaningless monotony, and ultimately attempt to right the wrongs of their company's impersonal policies, creating what they believe to be a full-on revolution.

OPENS: July 6, 2016
CLOSE: July 6, 2016


early 30’s, clean shirt and pressed tie. He is clearly not a wealthy man but is put together with the intention of not getting asked about money.

mid 40’s, small, bashful, shy. Gives you the impression of a bird fresh out of his mother’s nest.

late 20’s, everything is put together about her, but a bit too put together.

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