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ACTORS' SHAKESPEARE PROJECT - Lantern Theater Company Auditions

Posted: April 2, 2012

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Lantern Theater Company 12-13 -Appointment EPA
Actors' Shakespeare Project
Cambridge, MA

Call Type
Equity Principal

Date of Audition

Suzanne Roberts Theatre
480 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Partially fulfilling SPT Equity audition requirements at:
Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia Annual Auditions;
Monday, April 30, 2012;
9am – 4:15pm.
Lunch from 12:12-1:12.

Call Theatre Alliance (215/413-7150) M-F, 9:30- 4:30.

> A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Artistic Director: Charles McMahon
Managing Director: Anne Shuff
Associate Artistic Director: Kathryn MacMillan

Other Dates
Theatre's own Equity Principal Auditions: 4/18/12. See separate notice.

Approval/salary level pending. SeeOther.

Actors (m/f) for several shows. See Breakdown for details.

A breakdown has been added for this notice.


Three-minute audition time. Prepare two contrasting monologues or one monologue and one song. Bring 60 copies of headshot/resume.

2011-12 weekly minimum: $380.

Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

All roles are available unless otherwise specified. For pre-cast roles, auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary.

THE LIAR by David Ives, adapted from Pierre Corneille, directed by Kathryn MacMillan
First Rehearsal: 10/9/12. Run: 11/1/12-11/25/12.

DORANTE: 20s-30s; handsome young man, charismatic, well-bred, a compulsive liar

CLARICE: 20s; young Parisian woman, beautiful, smart, well-bred, very popular

LUCRECE: 20s; just as beautiful, smart, and well-bred as Clarice, perhaps even smarter

GERONTE: 50s-60s; Dorante’s father, domineering, pompous, and inflexible

CLITON: 20s-30s; Dorante’s manservant, sharp, comedic, put-upon

ALCIPPE: 20s-30s; Clarice’s secret fiancé, upper class, blustery but weak

PHILISTE: 20s; a young man of Paris, rational and reasonable

ISABELLE/SABINE: 20s-30s; one actress plays both servants; one is sexy and saucy, the other uptight and proper

THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE by Martin McDonagh, directed by Kathryn MacMillan.
First Rehearsal: 12/18/12. Run: 1/10/13-2/10/13.

MAG FOLAN: a stout woman in her early 70s; broadly comedic, manipulative, helpless

MAUREEN FOLAN: a plain, slim woman of 40; smart, no-nonsense, and desperate

RAY DOOLEY: boy of about 20; fidgety, slight but thuggish, whiny

PATO DOOLEY: a good looking man of about 40; physical laborer, kind-hearted but not a thinker

HENRY V by William Shakespeare, directed by Charles McMahon.
First Rehearsal: 2/19/13. Run: 3/14/13-4/14/13.

KING HENRY: 20s-early 30s; king of England, skilled orator, skilled strategist, brave

SCROOP/ensemble: 30s; nobleman caught in a plot to kill Henry, his dear friend

PISTOL/ensemble: 40s-50s; reluctant army recruit, petty thief

EXETER/ensemble: 40s-50s; the king’s cousin

KATHERINE/ensemble: 20s; the French king’s lovely daughter; speaks mostly French

DAUPHIN/ensemble: 20s-early 30s; heir to the French throne, superior and mocking

CHORUS/CANTERBURY/ensemble: 40s-60s; commentator and leader, powerful

FLUELLEN/ensemble: 40s-early 50s; a Welsh officer, honorable, but ‘blue collar’

HEROES by Tom Stoppard, adapted from Gerald Sibleyras, directed by M. Craig Getting.
First Rehearsal: 4/23/13. Run: 5/16/13-6/9/13.

HENRI: 60s-70s; gentle and a bit shy, contented, has a bad leg

GUSTAVE: 60s-70s; boastful, a bully, agoraphobic

PHILIPPE: 60s-70s; a war injury causes occasional blackouts, physically comedic, a bit paranoid

First Rehearsal: 8/21/12. Run: 9/4/12-9/30/12.

ABRAHAM VAN VALKENBURGH -- CAST. a regent of Amsterdam, 45; a powerful, smart, complex figure.

SAUL LEVI MORTERA -- CAST. chief rabbi of Amsterdam, 60 or more; softer & introspective, a charismatic leader of his small community.

GASPAR RODRIGUES BEN ISRAEL -- CAST. a parnas of Talmud Torah, perhaps 50; a carpet seller, self-effacing and gently comic.

BARUCH DE SPINOZA -- CAST. a merchant of Amsterdam, 23; at once a dazzling genius and an amiable, modest young man; based on a real person.

SIMON DE VRIES -- CAST. a painter, 23; patient, youthful, clever, amiable, short-sighted.

CLARA VAN DEN ENDEN -- CAST. a music teacher, 20; lovely, earnest, a bit anxious, deeply loyal.

REBEKAH DE SPINOZA -- CAST. Baruch's half-sister, 26; comic character: outspoken, capricious.



If unable to attend, send photo/resume to Attn: Casting Department, Lantern Theater Company, PO Box 53428, Philadelphia, PA 19105-3428. Please do not write "do not bend/fold" on your envelope.

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