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5TH AVENUE 2011-12 SEASON - 5th Avenue Theatre Auditions

Posted: July 15, 2011

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5th Avenue '11-'12 Season & 'PAN' (L.A.)

Fifth Avenue Theatre|Seattle, WA

Call Type
Equity Principal

Date of Audition

Screenland Studios
10501 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Studio E

Thursday, July 28th
Lunch 1-2pm
begins at 9am
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will be provided.

$983.20/week ($491.60 for PAN)

AEA talent for upcoming season and 'developmental' staging of PAN.
Please see breakdown.

Please prepare one brief legit musical theatre song and one brief pop/rock song that shows vocal range. Not to exceed 2 1/2 minutes total.

Other Dates
Please see breakdown.

PAN - Jeffrey Seller, Director

David Armstrong - Exec Producer & Artistic Director
SAVING AIMEE - David Armstrong, Director
OKLAHOMA! - Peter Rothstein, Director
DAMN YANKEES - Mark Hoebee, Director
RENT - Bill Berry, Director

Breakdown SAVING AIMEE - ENSEMBLE Men, strong tenors, 20's/30's/40's

OKLAHOMA - Judd - Lyric Bass; Laurey - lyric soprano; Ado Annie - high belter; Aunt Eller - character mezzo; Will Parker - young tenor; Ali Hakim - character singer; Ike Skidmore - 50's, singer; Andrew Carnes - character singer; ENSEMBLE - strong dancers with legit voices

DAMN YANKEES - Mr. Applegate baritone 30 – 50; Joe Hardy baritone 18 – 27; Joe Boyd tenor 40 – 50; Meg Boyd mezzo 40 – 50; Sister soprano 40 – 60; Doris spoken 40 – 60; Smokey tenor 18 – 27; Gloria Thorpe mezzo 21 – 30; Van Buren baritone 35 – 60; Lola alto 20 – 35; Henry baritone 18 – 27; Sohovik baritone 18 – 27; Linville baritone 18 – 27; Mickey baritone 18 – 27; ENSEMBLE strong singer/dancers of all ages and types

RENT - Roger Davis - young, rock tenor; Mark Cohen - pop/rock tenor; Mimi Marquez -latino, sexy; Maureen Johnson - belter; Tom Collins - soul/rock singer; Angel Schunard - young tenor with strong falsetto; Maureen Johnson - sexy, belter; ENSEMBLE - multi-cultural, young, energetic singer/actors

PAN - Peter Pan – The boy who never grew up. His charisma is off the charts. Everyone loves him, and he can never return the love quite as much. He’s about 12 years old. Tenor (up to High A). Rock/Pop sound
Wendy – A girl forced to grow up faster than she would have liked, and struggles with wanting to be both mother and child. She’s about 13. Soprano. Pop sound with control of mix/head voice
John – A fierce kid, angry that his brother is gone, and willing to do anything for his sister, but thirsting of adventure. Absolutely courageous. He’s about 11 years old. Tenor. Rock/Pop sound
Tinkerbell – Smoking hot chick, crazy and probably manic depressive. She’s a little punk rock, too. Late teens. Soprano. Rock/Pop sound with good belt and a pretty mix for ballads
Capt. Hook – Deeply conflicted pirate whose savage behavior masks his insecurities about growing old and dying. He hates and loves Peter for never growing old. He’s about 45 years old. Tenor II. Legit/Pop sound
Smee – Kindly henchman to Hook. Delightful and lovable old man. Tenor. Rock/Pop sound
Salouma – Mermaid who transforms into the Queen of the Savages. Imposing and commanding. A woman of color, indeterminate age. A fierce singer with a flexible range.
*Slightly – Littlest lost boy (except for the Twins), fierce and brave, and looks like he could be Michael Darling.
*Nibs – Oldest of the Lost boys, their captain when Peter is gone.
*Tootles – Almost as big as Nibs. Sort of the hippie lost boy, smokes a pipe, the only LB who speaks fairy.
*Samkins – The cave man of the Lost Boys. Giant boychild.
*The Twin (1) – Shy and tiny. A little girl who can double as Jane in the final scene.
*All the Lost Boys are between nine and 12 years old. Same voicing as Peter and John.
Four Pirates:
Multiple Max – has multiple personalities
Starkey – severely paranoid
Skylights – hallucinates constantly
Jacques – is French
Three women in the Water (include Adult Wendy)
Two of these woman are ethnic (native to the Island)
One woman is white since she will need to play Adult Wendy.

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