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Student Center: DEAR JOURNAL Blog #5: PR


DEAR JOURNAL is an original musical centering around four teenagers' lives as they enter Middle School. The show tackles youth-centric issues such as popularity, peer pressure, betrayals, and coming into one's own identity. Conceived, directed, and produced entirely by two seventh-graders, Eric Gelb and Ryan Hurley, DEAR JOURNAL's path to the stage is an inspiring one.
Without the aid of adults, and facing limited budget and resources, Eric and Ryan were the sole creative forces behind the production - from scouting rehearsal locations and performance spaces, to the coordination of all technical elements of the production, casting, and dealing with fundraising and administrative duties.

To kick-off this year's Student Center, BroadwayWorld approached DEAR JOURNAL's co-creator Eric Gelb to blog about the team's challenges, rewards and lessons in putting together the production.

Below is Eric's fifth blog entry. If you missed last week's, catch up here! And check back next week for another entry!

THE ROAD TO: 'Dear Journal: The Musical'
Through the crazy midst of tech week, I managed to find time to do what is my favorite part of the creative process - PR!
We set up several interviews with surrounding newspapers and were featured on the front page on some. For me personally, this is a very rewarding part of the process. It's where you can see your hard work and dedication printed, right in front of you. It makes you feel like you have now "made it" and you are able to see it. It really does make up for all the times I was ready to pull the plug on it.
Looking through my old files, I found a quote from me that sticks out to me, especially because it is still true today.
"I am really really grateful I am even here saying this today. I am so blessed I get to do what I love at such a young age. I am inspired constantly by teenage celebs to never lose track of who I am in the process of getting my dream. I have learned so much about life and myself."

Meanwhile, tech was going alright. We FINALLY settled in into the venue, and we got to do a full cast rehearsal for the very first time. To say that it was magical would be a complete understatement. I was so happy that the show pulled together, but I had learned in past experiences that it would be best not to be too heavy on the congratulations - to save it for opening night.
And opening night? Well, you'll have to find out next week! 
DEAR JOURNAL began touring across the Michigan area in 2011-2012 with more venues planned for 2013.

To learn more about DEAR JOURNAL, visit their Facebook page here.
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