Prelude To A Kiss

1/31/2013 - 2/17/2013
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Theatre Company

Colorado Springs, CO
Phone: 7196345583

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SaGaJi Theatre: - Craig Lucas; dir: Garrett Ayers.
Despite her pessimistic outlook on life, Rita Boyle, a liberal, free-spirited aspiring graphic designer who earns a living as a bartender, falls in love with and marries Peter Hoskins. At their wedding, the couple is approached by an elderly man who requests permission to kiss the bride. When he does, their spirits switch places, leaving Peter with an aged man's soul inside his newly wed bride.

Neither Peter nor the wedding guests grasp what has happened. Peter leaves the wedding with a woman he believes is Rita. During their honeymoon, he comes to realize that Rita's body is no longer inhabited by Rita's true personality. He must find the old man and keep his love for Rita alive despite the fact that she is now in a very different body. (Photo by Peter Gould)

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