THE IMAGINARY INVALID is Now Playing at the Royal Danish Playhouse

Performances run through 30 October 2021.

THE IMAGINARY INVALID is Now Playing at the Royal Danish Playhouse

The Imaginary Invalid is now playing at the Royal Danish Playhouse. Performances run through 30 October 2021.

Søren Sætter-Lassen plays the imaginary invalid, Argan, who is deeply addicted to his daily shot of medicine. Physicians and quacks profit greatly from his hypochondriac mania, peddling their potions and miracle cures.

Argan's new wife exploits his obsessive urge for medical care, all while making plans to rob him of his fortune. His daughters fight for love but are held captive by their father's hypochondriac regime. Indeed, Argan wants his eldest daughter to marry a doctor, so he has direct access to treatment - although she has set her heart on someone else.

Argan's maidservant, Toinette, on the other hand, musters true revolutionary spirit on behalf of his daughter's right to love. The Imaginary Invalid is a crazy comedy about the fear of death and the struggle for life.

The Imaginary Invalid was Molière's last play, which he wrote while terminally ill. Molière played Argan and totally laid himself bare in this his last theatrical role. He died mid-act during the fourth performance, which thus became his sarcastic farewell to a life in constant contention with the world around him.

The Imaginary Invalid is presented by house stage director of the Royal Playhouse, Thomas Bendixen, who has previously staged Molière's The Miser and The Misanthrope with dark humour and great success.

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