GIANT STEPS is Now Playing at the Royal Danish Opera

Experience three of Jerome Robbins’ greatest works in the dance performance Giant Steps – from Broadway to divine classical ballet.

GIANT STEPS is Now Playing at the Royal Danish Opera

Jerome Robbins was one of the greatest showmen the United States has ever fostered. He effortlessly moved between modern Broadway dance and sublime classical ballet. Discover three of his greatest works in Giant Steps. Performances run through 23 March.

Choreographer Jerome Robbins was a rare talent. Driven by an abundance of creative energy, he revolutionised the musical genre, while creating more than 60 ballets, ranging from high drama to subdued humour. Giant Steps spotlights three very different works by Robbins.

The charming Fancy Free from 1944 is a story of Three Sailors on shore leave who tour New York's alluring nightlife. The score is by the legendary Leonard Bernstein, with whom Robbins a few years later collaborated to create the musical sensation West Side Story.

Glass Pieces from 1983 is a breathtaking minimalist work performed to Philip Glass's mesmerising music. It offers a snapshot of city life in America amidst skyscrapers of chrome, steel and glass, and with its overpowering energy and fast pace, it captures the pounding heartbeat of the metropolis.

In The Four Seasons from 1979, Robbins evokes with humour and warmth the alternating moods of the seasons, from the frosty cold of winter, represented by high leaps, and the fresh awakening of spring, aroused with lyrical virtuosity, and the warmth of summer, summoned by a sensuous adagio, to the autumn bacchanalia, rendered in an expressive style.


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