Nunsense at Griffin Theatre

Dates: (2/16/2024 - 2/25/2024 )


Griffin Theatre

701 Carson Drive
Bear,DE 19701

Phone: 302-202-8440

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Nunsense is a musical comedy that revolves around the misadventures of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, a fictional order of nuns. The story unfolds after a tragic cooking accident wipes out most of the convent’s sisters. To raise funds for the burials, the remaining nuns decide to stage a variety show, showcasing their unique talents and personalities. The musical is filled with humor, catchy songs, and entertaining dance numbers, all set against the backdrop of the nuns’ efforts to overcome challenges and bring joy to the audience. The show explores themes of friendship, faith, and the resilience of the human spirit, all while delivering lighthearted and entertaining performances by the eccentric nuns.

Audience: The show is billed as family friendly with a PG13 Rating

Run Time:  2 Hours  with a 15 minute intermission

Cost– Adults–$20


Child 12 and Under — $15

Ages: Family Friendly PG13

Cast and Creative team for Nunsense at Griffin Theatre


Tara LeGates

Reverend Mother

Rebecca Ronan

Sister Robert Ann

Stephanie Bailey

Sisterr Leo

Mary Everett

Sister Amnesia

Leslie Bailey

Sister Hubert

Mary Beth Jacobs

Sister Julia

Jason Messinger

Fr Virgil

Trisha Fromm

Sister Wilhelm

Kaci Gravatt

Sister Brenden

Stephanie Hart


Bex Hudgins

Sister Luke

Griffin Theatre Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Griffin Theatre is at 701 Carson Drive, Bear , DE.

Griffin Theatre is at 701 Carson Drive, Bear, DE.

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