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Botánica at LatinUs Theater Company

Dates: (5/30/2024 - 6/15/2024 )


LatinUs Theater Company

LatinUs Theater Experience Company, Inc

2937 west 25th st.
Cleveland,OH 44113

Phone: 2163697158

Tickets: 20-25

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Dolores Prida was a feminist and Hispanic dramatist whose central theme was the search for the identity of Latino/Hispanic immigrants, specifically women, in the United States.

She was known as the Cubarican, born in Cuba but also well versed in Puerto Rican culture, learned in New York, she wrote this play, La Botánica, with all Puerto Rican (Nuyorican) characters.

La Botánica explores cultural conflicts in East Harlem among an old Puerto Rican woman, her daughter, and her granddaughter, who has just graduated from an Ivy League university. The old woman, Doña Geno, runs a business dealing in herbs, spells, and spiritual powers. She and her daughter, Anamu, expect Anamu's daughter, Milagros Castillo, to take over the shop, La Ceiba.

But, Milagros -- who began calling herself Millie at college since, as she says, Miracles Castle isn't a great name in English -- plans to take up a career in a big bank downtown and forget about the barrio. But she has things to learn that the Ivy League doesn't teach, and Doña Geno is just the professor she needs.

Botánica at LatinUs Theater Company Schedule

Thursday,Friday and Saturday at7:30 pm. Sundays at 2:30 pm

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