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LIZARD TONGUE MEN Live Streaming Zoom Series hiring Handsome Males

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COMPANY: Lizard Creative Productions
DATE POSTED: 12/18/2020
WEB SITE: click here
ADDRESS: 520 8th Ave
New York, NY

Listing Information: Casting males 23-50 y/o for "Lizard Tongue Men," a new live streaming, weekly Saturday night ZOOM show. Production states: "We prefer talent with a good following on social media, either IG or Facebook, that can guarantee an audience to view the show. We are looking for all types of talented guys that can curl or twist their tongue, touch your nose or chin with your tongue, rolling it around, making it extend past your nose or chin, move it around very fast, or whatever skills you have that are unique. Each actor will talk for approximately 10 minutes about a time or a specific situation that made them realize they had this skill. This is non scripted, each actor will have to write their own specific personal piece. You may be as explicit as you like since this show will attract a mature audience. All auditions and shows are done remotely via zoom."

Rehearses remotely (3-5 p.m.); second season premieres Jan. 16, 2021 (10 p.m. EST); livestream shows through Spring 2021 (and possibly further) on Zoom.

For consideration, attach a note of interest telling about your specialty talent. Auditions via Zoom will begin as early as Dec 19, 2020. You will be sent a link to sign on and audition as soon as possible upon acceptance. Talent that were cast for Season 1 in July/Aug may resubmit their materials for Season 2.
Submit a current photo and note of interest along with a good clear shot of your tongue to: attention AJ

Each actor will be paid through cash app or paypal upon completion of the project.
$75.00 per show minimum up to $ 150.00