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A Safe Place To Be "Unsafe"

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COMPANY: tmk Productions
DATE POSTED: 8/19/2020
ADDRESS: New York City, NY

Listing Information: *COVID got you down?
*Missing the camaraderie of your fellow actors?
*Technique getting rusty?


Composer Ted Kociolek (Abyssinia, The Age of Innocence) is currently enrolling students for the Fall 2020 session of his Musical Theatre Audition/Performance Technique Workshop. The structured, six-week course runs Mondays September 21-October 26, 7-10 PM, at a midtown studio location TBA.
The workshop, suitable for beginner and career veteran alike, offers the singing actor the opportunity to learn/refine a technique of activating/interpreting musical theater materials and build your audition portfolio, with the objective of communicating the individual--you--through strong and “unsafe” acting choices. Students are provided with practical techniques and guidelines that promote self-confidence and spontaneity, liberate the voice and enhance the audition experience.

I initially assign a song to the group (performed individually) so that everyone is on the same page with the process. I then recommend audition material of both standard and contemporary vintage, tailored to the individual's vocal/physical type, etc. You'll be up and singing before the class every week in a safe and supportive environment. Other topics, such as 16-bar cuts, audition protocol, etc., are covered as a matter of course during the workshop.

All distancing/masking/sanitizing protocols strictly enforced. Individual face shields provided for performance.

The workshop fee is $350. Limited enrollment.

To book the class or for more information: