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Henry VIII: All is True at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company


1/13/2012 - 2/5/2012


Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

719 Race Street
Cincinnati,OH 45202

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Phone: 513.381.BARD

Henry VIII: All is True in Cincinnati

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"Henry VIII: All is True" by William Shakespeare (January 13 – February 5, 2012) With a story so explosive it literally set fire to the Globe Theatre, the Bard’s final historical tale takes us back to the religiously charged conflict between King Henry VIII and the English church—but this time, through the eyes of the King. After years of marriage to his brother’s widow, Henry begins to suspect that his union with Katherine of Aragon isn’t as holy as he thought. But is his doubt the only driving force behind his change of heart, or is his burgeoning love for the alluring Anne Boleyn also to blame? Find out as love is lost and gained and leaders fall from grace in Henry VIII: All Is True.

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