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The King's Speech at Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier




Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier

800 East Grand Avenue

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He was born for the stage, but became a worldwide success thanks to the film of Tom Hoope, this text by David Seidler. Luca Barbareschi brings it back in the theater to descend in the role of Lionel Logue, the Australian speech therapist who manages to restore security to shy and stuttering Bertie or, better, Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor, son of George V of England. Logue, former actor and an expert in speech therapy, teaches the Prince to manage their stuttering and the numerous speeches which must, to become a man, and a King, finally free from fear to communicate. A comedy that begins with historical facts about delving into the personal drama, thereby stretching the physical aspect of verbal disarticulation, to tell the weight of a Crown on the eve of World War II. To show how stories hidden in the folds of History might elevate the power of epic. "A human comedy, always in perfect balance between dramatic tones and levity, rich in irony but suffused with melancholy, sometimes very moving, but also capable of making people laugh. Not greasy or foreseeable laughter, but laughter coming out from the brain and transmitted to the heart ". Luca Barbareschi

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