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BWW Blog: Patti Meadors - Managing Auditions

The beginning of school brings lots of fun activities, some homework, and new friends. A lot of the time, with theatre or music activities there are auditions that go hand in hand with it. I know that I am preparing for a week of auditions next week, and I'm trying to figure out all of the songs, dances, and scenes I'll need to know for these auditions.

In addition to these auditions, schoolwork is also present during the year. The balance between school and theatre is very important and delicate. Schoolwork comes first in my family and at my school because I attend a public school, and I have plans on attending a non-conservatory college program. I am taking classes that I want to be taking that are core subjects and not performing arts, and am excited for this school year.

Auditions can be stressful. Knowing what you are singing/performing is mostly all of the battle. Being prepared is the number one tip to succeeding in auditions to overcome nerves or fear. Being unprepared just generates new problems to be concerned about. Give yourself at least 1-2 weeks of practicing a song fully prepared and ready to audition with to guarantee the best audition you have in you!

Make sure to know what kind of material to prepare for auditions, and if there is a specific cut you should have in the music. Know if you have a pianist, track available or if it must be a cappella. The style of music is important too: don't try out for a vocal jazz group singing a Katy Perry song. Be able to make yourself a versatile performer and singer. Warm up beforehand.

For dance auditions, wear the proper attire and try to warm up before. If you have special tricks, stunts or dance styles, be prepared to showcase these if asked to. NEVER lie on your resume because if you say you've had 12 years of ballet but don't know what a pirouette is, they will likely assume that you lied on your resume or don't learn well in class. Either way, make sure that you are showcasing what you have to offer truthfully.

All in all, audition for as much as you can so you can get used to it, and get rid of nerves easier. Good luck with your upcoming auditions!

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