BWW Column: What if BROOKLYN NINE-NINE's Gina Linetti Took Over TV's Top Shows?

Gina Linetti may be the only character on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE who isn't a police officer, but her role in the 99th precinct is much more vital than just an office administrator. Gina is narcissistic, cunning and she isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

Gina, played by actress and comedian Chelsea Perretti, is a character that many shows could use. Her skills could help solve the problems of characters in comedies, dramas, and reality shows, and her personality and way of living, could introduce a lot more drama and fun.

I contemplated what would happen if Gina Linetti wasn't on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, but instead another popular show.


Gina dances in a troupe called "Dance-y Reagan" and she was formally in "Floor-Gasm." Gina is not a stranger to controversy and group fighting, so if she were on DANCE MOMS, Gina would definitely be the assistant to Abby Lee who became fed up with Abby's ways and left to start her own rival team. Gina would be passionate about her kids, but she would definitely try and convince some of Abby's girls (especially Maddie) to come to her team, because Gina always wants to be the best. The show would constantly feature Gina's rival dance troupe, and competitions would be tense, with Gina doing everything in her power to be number one.


Gina would be Olivia Pope's right hand woman. She would say it like it is, and she would never let anyone threaten Olivia. Gina's clever and selfish ways would make her perfect for the cutthroat world of politics. Gina could cover up any kind of crisis, but she wouldn't be afraid to create a fake crisis or two to benefit her, since lying is one of her favorite things to do. However, when Olivia Pope needs a mess cleaned up, you better believe Gina isn't going anywhere near it. She doesn't mind starting drama and fixing problems, but only when it's convenient for her. Gina is too busy creating new words or playing iPhone games to have to do dirty work like Huck.


Gina is an enigma. She had a team of doctors study her at a house party and no one could pinpoint her. Her ability to be so confident and love herself so much is inspiring, but also a little alarming. Gina almost never waivers in her belief that she is the best. This would make her an incredible profiler because she understands behaviors and personalities that many professionals don't. Gina can almost always solve a problem in the 9-9, if she wants to that is. Gina and Dr. Spencer Reid would almost definitely hit it off, too, both being young and with distinctive personalities. Gina may not be a doctor or have an advanced degree, but she could solve cases like the best of them.

On the flip side, Gina could easily become someone the FBI has to profile, if she decided to use her talents for crime. And if her time with those doctors proved anything, it's that she's impossible to pin down, making catching her out to be impossible. However, I doubt Gina would ever find herself on the other side of the law (even if her favorite cop movie is BAD BOYS).


Although she'd hate to admit it, Gina really cares for her friends. She also isn't afraid to give them the truth about relationships, even when it's hard to her. If Gina lived with Nick, Jess, and Schmidt, they would have much less relationship drama. Gina never would've let Schmidt lose CeCe in the first place, and she'd especially not let him wait so long to win her back. Gina would also never let Nick and Jess have such a bumpy relationship, she'd tell them how it is and she wouldn't sugar coat it. When Gina decides to give her advice on something, she goes all in, so Nick and Jess would know her opinion was important. Gina knows the right time to give a pep talk, and she


Working for the 99th precinct, even if she isn't an officer, Gina has picked up a lot of valuable skills. After being trapped in a department store with Jake and Boyle, Gina did her best to think on her feet and try to keep herself and her friends safe. Gina could easily grow as an NCIS agent, starting on desk assignment and one day moving up to field agent, just like Tim McGee did.

Not only can she think well under pressure, she also could handle Gibbs without a problem. Since Captain Holt and Gibbs have a very similar nature, Gina could easily get Gibbs to warm up to her direct and confident nature. Gibbs, like Holt, would find himself opening up to Gina over time, and she would quickly become someone he trusted.


If there is one thing Gina is good at, its drama. If Gina found herself in the Kardashian circle, she'd fit right in. From being on her phone constantly, to talking with emojis, to being narcissistic, Gina would find herself giving the Kardashians fashion advice, going out to clubs, and being there for moral support on photoshoots. However, Gina's nature would definitely put her at risk at being in the center of a lot of drama and fighting. Her blunt and unforgiving nature would have her butting heads with the girls, and she would definitely be the cause of a lot of confessionals on the show. She'd find herself on the outs with the Kardashians quite often, but because of her confident nature and ability to lie, she'd always find herself back on their good side. Not to mention, Gina understands the value of social media, just like the Kardashians.

Gina Linetti is one of the most underrated characters on television right now, and she is much more than a civilian administrator, she is a core member of the 99th precinct. The 9-9 wouldn't be the same if it didn't have Gina's snarky comments, style, and attitude, so even though it's fun to imagine what she could bring to other shows, I'm glad she's on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE.

Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor/FOX.

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