Season 2 of SKIN TIGHT Premieres on TLC Tonight Following 2-Hour MY 600-LB LIFE

Tonight on TLC catch three hours of emotional journeys and unbelievable transformations beginning at 8/7c with a brand new 2-hour episode of hit series MY 600-LB LIFE, followed by the season 2 premiere of SKIN TIGHT at 10/9c.

This week on MY 600-LB LIFE we'll follow 23 year old Nicole from Marion, Ohio, who weighs nearly 700-lbs and is barely mobile. Nicole is a mother of two toddlers, unable to care for her children due to her crippling size. Because of this, she and her boyfriend Charlie live with her parents, who take care of the kids while Charlie is at work. Nicole is humiliated that she cannot be the dignified woman or caring mother she wants to be. Raised on fast food, Nicole was a heavy child who was constantly bullied in school. As a teen, Nicole discovered both of her parents were deep into drug addictions, and her household became an unsafe and angry environment. During this dark time, Nicole's own addiction to food accelerated. Her addiction is spiraling out of control worse than ever, and Nicole has to fight for her life to keep her family together so that she doesn't leave her children without their mother.

Then on SKIN TIGHT we'll meet Andrew, 31, who went from around 500-lbs to about 200-lbs - the natural way! After the birth of his daughter and the end of a damaging romantic relationship, he found himself at a crossroads and decided he needed to make a change. With a commitment to diet and exercise, he was able to lose a lot of weight, but found that all the weight training he did wasn't helping eliminate the tremendous amount of excess skin. Andrew dreams of competing in a natural bodybuilding competition, but more than anything he wants to look and feel normal around his family. We'll also follow Julie, 39, who went from 331-lbs to 153-lbs. Julie was overweight her whole life, but found herself morbidly obese after having four kids. She underwent gastric bypass surgery which jumpstarted her weight loss, but she is now hiding under pounds of excess skin, causing her to shy away from intimacy with her husband and not allowing her to fully bond with her children. She dreams of being a better mom and wife, but feels like it will never happen unless the skin is surgically removed.

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