Reelz Announces New Original Programming for June 2019

By: May. 06, 2019

Reelz Announces New Original Programming for June 2019

REELZ today announced new original programming for June 2019 including four new specials, a new documentary and a returning series. Kicking off the June premieres is the special Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors about the movie that surprised everyone and became a cultural phenomenon with its perfect mix of stars, special effects and laughs. Then entertainment journalist Nancy O'Dell hosts the special Fatal Addiction: Hollywood's Secret Epidemic focused on the opioid crisis afflicting celebrities. In the documentary Elton John: Ten Days That Rocked the remarkable days that molded the music legend's life are revealed. As a solo artist Elton John doesn't worry about a band break up but that's not the case for members of Mötley Crüe, Guns N' Roses, New Kids on the Block and the Spice Girls whose splitting up stories take center stage in fan favorite returning series Breaking the Band. Real stories BEHIND THE MUSIC continue with the special The Michael Jackson Story examining the King of Pop's meteoric rise to fame and legacy tarnished by controversy. And finally the special Farrah Fawcett: Behind Closed Doors is an intimate look at the life of the beloved star who left an everlasting mark on entertainment and culture.

"As we continue our commitment to original programming we're thrilled to show our viewers a June lineup full of new and intriguing real stories about the celebrities behind our favorite music and movies," said Steve Cheskin, SVP of Programming at REELZ. "Hosts Natalie Morales and Nancy O'Dell are excellent storytellers with revealing, important and powerful stories we're excited for our viewers to see."

Below are descriptions for June 2019 programming listed in order of premiere date and time:

Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors Hosted by Natalie Morales - New special premieres Sunday, June 2 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. Amid a crowded summer movie landscape in 1984 one movie broke out and became a billion dollar franchise and a cultural phenomenon across generations. Ghostbusters hit the big screen with great characters, witty humor and special effects that brought real scares to audiences nailing a potent new formula for blockbuster movies. Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors hosted by Natalie Morales goes inside the movie with the real stories from stars Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver and Ernie Hudson. See the surprising backstories about how John Belushi and Eddie Murphy almost became Ghostbusters and how cast and crew held it together making the movie in blistering time. Cast and crew also reflect on the impact and legacy of the late Harold Ramis whose quirky Egon Spangler touched an entire fan base. Included are interviews from Ghostbusters super fan Al Roker, Harold Ramis' daughter Violet Ramis Stiel, author and podcast host James Andrew Miller and director Ivan Reitman. Behind Closed Doors specials are produced by NBC News' Peacock Productions.

Fatal Addiction: Hollywood's Secret Epidemic Hosted by Nancy O'Dell - New special premieres Wednesday, June 5 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. Drug use in movies, TV shows and music is often glorified but with America's opioid epidemic in full swing host Nancy O'Dell asks if Hollywood is part of the problem and if so can the script be rewritten to change the story for the better. Hollywood's love affair with drugs both on and off screen is well documented but the opioid epidemic has hit some stars hard altering the lives of our biggest celebrities from Demi Lovato and Russell Brand to Jamie Lee Curtis and Robert Downey Jr. Others such as Prince, Whitney Houston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger were overcome by their addictions and O'Dell shows viewers their poignant stories of living under intense career pressure keeping up with grueling schedules and in some cases such as Michael Jackson's using opioids to help them sleep. In Fatal Addiction: Hollywood's Secret Epidemic hear from THE HILLS star Jason Wahler who gives his first hand account of his addiction story in Hollywood. Commentators include Dr. Drew Pinsky, E! News Chief News Correspondent Melanie Bromley, Variety Lifestyle Editor Marc Malkin and The Hollywood Reporter's Paul Bond among others. Fatal Addiction: Hollywood's Secret Epidemic is produced by 99 Media Group.

Elton John: Ten Days That Rocked - New documentary premieres Sunday, June 9 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. Outrageous showman, Oscar winner, knighted by the Queen and more than 300 million records sold are just a few of the highlights in Elton John's storied career that spans half a century. But with monumental success came heartbreaking setbacks and vices that nearly destroyed Elton's life from battles with drug addiction to suicide attempts and relationship fall outs. The two hour documentary Elton John: Ten Days That Rocked lifts the lid on one of the most iconic singers, songwriters and performers of all time with a look at the most powerful moments that molded his career and identity. Highlighting each moment are Elton's own words from his writings and interviews as he reflects on each major milestone that altered the trajectory of his life. Helping tell Elton's story are candid interviews with friends, colleagues and biographers including Elton's bass player Kenny Passarelli, ex-fiancée Linda Hannon, biographer Keith Hayward, former manager Ray Williams, school friend and musician Caleb Quaye along with producer and friend Pete Bellotte. Elton John: Ten Days That Rocked is produced by Potato, part of ITV Studios.

Breaking the Band - Series returns with back to back episodes on Sunday, June 16 starting at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT with Mötley Crüe followed by Guns N' Roses. Sell-out tours, chart-topping hits and runaway world domination can all mean nothing when you're in a band on the brink of collapse. Tempers flare, arguments erupt and the sweet sound of musical success comes to an abrupt end. In hour-long episodes of BREAKING THE BAND see the battling egos, power struggles and inter-band rivalries that split up Mötley Crüe, Guns N' Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, the Spice Girls and New Kids on the Block among others. From crippling drug addictions and creative differences to scandalous affairs, shady business dealings and overdoses on fame BREAKING THE BAND uncovers the incredible true stories by recreating the key moments the cameras missed in addition to using rare band interviews and off-stage footage to piece together each dramatic tale. BREAKING THE BAND is produced by Potato, part of ITV Studios.

The Michael Jackson Story Hosted by Natalie Morales - New special premieres Sunday, June 23 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. He was the music icon whose talent was only eclipsed by his fame. Michael Jackson paved the way for scores of artists with his seemingly supernatural dance moves, multiple number one hits and a singular fashion sense. At his sudden death at just 50 years old Jackson had spent nearly 40 of those years in the public spotlight but for decades the megastar was embroiled in a series of controversies that would reignite a decade later. In The Michael Jackson Story Natalie Morales explores the King of Pop's life, career and many eccentricities as well as his complicated legacy. Included is a look at Jackson's years as a childhood prodigy and the fascinating backstories for hit albums Off THE WALL and Thriller. Interviews include Jackson family publicist Steve Manning, Michael Jackson's former choreographer Travis Payne, friend Bryan Michael Stoller, former VP of publicity at Epic Records Susan Blond, New York Times music writer Jim Farber and "We Are the World" tour organizer Ken Kragen among others. The Michael Jackson Story is produced by NBC News' Peacock Productions.

Farrah Fawcett: Behind Closed Doors Hosted by Natalie Morales - New special premieres Monday, June 24 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. She was the stunning Texas beauty who took Hollywood by storm. With a famous head of hair, that legendary red bathing suit poster and a starring role on the massive hit TV show Charlie's Angels Farrah Fawcett secured her place among the stars. She would go on define her legacy with bold moves and constant reinvention that many thought would sink her career including leaving Charlie's Angels at the peak of its popularity in favor of a theater stage. It was a move that would rile up one of the biggest names in show business but as Fawcett saw it life was sweetened by risk. Hosted by Natalie Morales Farrah Fawcett: Behind Closed Doors is a look at the life and legacy of the original angel and poster-girl-next-door revealing the real story of a star never destined to play by anyone else's rules. From the unexpected moves she makes in her career to the men she gave her heart to hear Fawcett in her own words describe how she managed super stardom, relationships, becoming a mother and confronting her devastating cancer diagnosis. Sharing their first hand accounts of life with Fawcett are family members and friends including photographer Bruce McBroom and longtime friend Alana Stewart who is the President and CEO of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation dedicated to fighting cancer which Fawcett started shortly after her diagnosis. Also interviewed are Entertainment Weekly's Henry Goldblatt, PEOPLE Magazine's Kate Coyne, and Texas Monthly's Skip Hollandsworth. Behind Closed Doors specials are produced by NBC News' Peacock Productions.

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