LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS Monologue Highlights - 7/28

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS Monologue Highlights - 7/28

Below, check out "Late Night with Seth Meyers" monologue highlights from last night's broadcast!

This weekend the New York Times came out in favor of marijuana legalization. Apparently, someone told them that marijuana users are really into "buying papers."

Today supporters of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have released a new font in the style of his handwriting. Although, I'm surprised he wrote anything by hand since he was so used to dictating.

A restaurant in New York has created the Rice Burger, which replaces normal burger buns with rice patties. The restaurant also replaces customers with empty chairs.

Last week a man in Florida was arrested for trying to steal sushi that he had shoved down his pants. Although I BET the wasabi was punishment enough.

A gas station robbery in Houston was stopped when the clerk on duty happened to be a champion MMA fighter. So crime doesn't pay, and apparently neither does being an MMA champion.


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