Family Comedy PETUNA Coming to DVD, 9/3

Family Comedy PETUNA Coming to DVD, 9/3

Award-winning Writer/Director Ash Christian (Fat Girl, Mangus!) assembled a stellar ensemble cast for his idiosyncratic family comedy PETUNIA, debuting across all digital platforms beginning August 6th and landing on DVD September 3rd from Wolfe Video.

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The star-studded cast includes Thora Birch (American Beauty, Ghost World), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect, Hairspray) Tobias Segal (Men in Black 3, Rocky Balboa), Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie, American Reunion), Academy Award nominee Christine Lahti (Best Supporting Actress, Swing Shift, 1995) and Michael Urie (TV's "Partners," "Ugly Betty"). With super quirky characters and unpredictable twists and turns, Petunia will make audiences think about love, life and how family plays a part in who you turn out to be. The film depicts an off-beat family of New Yorkers who must come to terms with their own misgivings about life, relationships and the sheer unpredictability of love itself.

SYNOPSIS: For some families, having a live-in shrink isn't nearly enough. The Petunia family has a storied history of avoiding real feelings: Mom, Felicia, (Christine Lahti) is a therapist who needs a shrink of her own; dad, Percy, (David Rasche) hides his problems under an oblivious and disaffected non-personality; and brothers Michael (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Adrian (Jimmy Heck) are hiding infidelity and sex addiction, respectively.

Throw in mean NYC princess Vivian (Thora Birch) for a sister-in-law, and you have Charlie's biggest problem: his crazy family. At first glance, Charlie looks positively Bond-like in his tuxedo but in fact, he is the polar opposite of the suave lady killer. Instead of drinking martinis and living it up, Charlie spends his brother's wedding reception avoiding the dance floor and securing his self-imposed celibacy by snapping the rubber band on his wrist anytime he feels aroused by the formal-wear-clad young men in the room.

Charlie finally finds a guy he's willing to break his "no sex" vow for when he meets and starts dating George McDougal (Michael Urie). But George is hiding something from Charlie - his wife (Brittany Snow) - and their relationship hits a complicated snag when she returns unexpectedly from a long trip...

With super quirky, yet highly sympathetic characters, great acting, and hilariously unpredictable twists and turns, Petunia will make you think about love, life and how family plays a part in who you turned out to be.

$24.95 USA & Canada
DVD Part#: WOL 5105D
DVD UPC: 754703763952
GENRE: Drama, Comedy
TRT: 92 Min. Color.

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