Duck Dynasty is one of the most successful reality shows of all time. So what is it about the wild and wooly Robertson family that drives viewers to watch the show like ducks to water? Featuring a family of Christians who don't smoke, don't curse and don't drink, this series is not your typical recipe for reality ratings success! But then again, the Robertsons are not your typical family. From the family's humble upbringing and their home-based business selling wooden duck calls to the show's shockingly rapid rise to world-wide popularity and the resulting controversial press coverage, E! exposes the inner workings of this polarizing TV program. Featuring interviews with family relatives, entertainment insiders, as well as local media and shop owners, E! goes beyond the cameras for a closer look at the Robertson clan - and in the process, uncovers a true rags to riches tale when "True Hollywood Story: Duck Dynasty" premieres tonight, July 10th at 8:00pm ET/PT.

Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Not normally words associated with the hit reality series, but just a hint of what is revealed in the new E! special. In "True Hollywood Story: Duck Dynasty," E! Investigates the remarkable story of how the Dynasty came to be and exposes the troubled past of family patriarch, Phil Robertson. From heavy drinking to allegations of abuse, the Robertson family's story is one of struggle, forgiveness and redemption.

Select quotes from the special include:

"The church was extremely important in our young life...I'd say the important thing was the church, of course, then next was hunting and fishing."

- Mac Hobbs (Robertson Cousin), on growing up with Phil and Si

"He wanted a family, he wanted to make it work but he knew it wasn't going to work through the lifestyle that he was living at the time."

- Greg Hilburn (Reporter, The News Star), on Phil's struggle with alcohol

"The Robertsons aren't hunting for subsistence, they have millions of dollars...so the idea that these mega-rich multimillionaires have to strap on their boots, paint their faces and trudge out into the forest and catch dinner is ridiculous."

- Liam Cronin (Peta Spokesperson), on Peta's stance regarding the show

"They're what you see on TV...They're good people and we're really proud of 'em."

- Deborah Callaway (Owner, Debbie's Snowballs), on the authenticity of the Robertson family

How did this small family business become the true Dynasty that it is today and what is it that makes this show a ratings and marketing goldmine? Find out when the "E! True Hollywood Story: Duck Dynasty" premieres Thursday, July 10th at 8:00pm ET/PT only on E!