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BWW Recap: THE GOOD FIGHT – Race, Reparations and Researching 'Memo 618'

BWW Recap: THE GOOD FIGHT – Race, Reparations and Researching 'Memo 618'

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Despite taking a week-long break, The Good Fight arrives hot on the heels of the previous episode and continues to ask the question - What is Memo 618?

"The Gang Gets a Call from HR" opens with an enraged Diane Lockhart hearing the news that Rare Orchard demolished her client's restaurant, despite Judge Julius Cain's orders. Diane enlists the help of investigator Jay Dipersia when he discovers the Tecades v. Rare Orchard injunction can't be found in the firm's system or the courthouse's electronic system. When she confronts Julius on the disregard of his ruling, he redirects her to 'Adrian's girlfriend.'

Back at RBL, Democratic National Committee Chairman Frank Landau pays a visit, stating the DNC is looking for a strategy to reengage the African American community in the upcoming election. In a conference room, employees of the firm are gathered and asked about the biggest issues facing the African American community. The discussion eventually leads to the topic of reparations and THE ROOM is divided. Landau then calls for more "diversity," which leads to David Lee, Marissa and other white employees to enter the conversation.

Upstairs at STR Laurie - or as Marissa calls them, STD Laurie - Adrian, Liz and Diane are called into a meeting, which leave the three to believe STR Laurie is violating their trust and looking at their books. So, they assign Marissa to investigate THE ONE associate from STR Laurie who had access to their financials. This associate is later introduced to us as Caleb, who claims he isn't a spy.

Diane asks Adrian about his girlfriend and her connection to the missing case. He discloses he's in a relationship with a judge and the intimidation that follows the mysterious "Memo 618." Diane then turns to a "message board for legal eagles" to ask what the memo is.

She appears in court alongside her opposing counsel Louis Canning and uses the case's new judge, who happens to be Adrian's girlfriend, and the missing case file to her advantage and argues as if this was the first time. However, while Diane's client is on the stand and giving an emotional testimony, the judge receives "Memo 618." It is clear she knows what the memo means and her attitude quickly shifts. Diane catches on and becomes fed up before asking what the memo exactly the memo is, before being put in contempt.

After the conversation of reparations, Lucca is called into a meeting with HUMAN RESOURCES to discuss Adrian and his use of the N-word while quoting Vernon Jordan. An investigation follows suit and everyone is the firm is subjected to a sensitivity training course taught by HR. The DNC also decides to step away from the firm.

Later on, Diane tries to follow up on her message board post. When re-searching "What is Memo 618?," she finds her post has been deleted, her account was suspended and her computer shuts down. She comes to Jay for help and the same thing happened when he tried searching on the message board. However, when using his WiFi at home, he can access the website and Diane's original post. He believes malware is attacking the firm's WiFi and goes as far to suggest STR Laurie is attempting to freeze Diane out.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/CBS

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