BWW Recap: Possible Series Finale for RED BAND SOCIETY is Full of Love!

In the Fall, (series?), finale of the RED BAND SOCIETY, love is in the air, and it's getting stomped on as much as it is being welcomed. While repercussions are boiling over from the disastrous one night stand of Nurse Brittney and Dr. McAndrews, and Leo and Emma and Hunter and Kara are having some withdrawal issues, there are a couple sparks flying between Nurse Jackson and Dr. "Sing-a-long," Naday. While this was a great episode, it is definitely bittersweet for the fans, still unhappy with the news that FOX is not ordering anymore new episodes for this season. There is no official cancellation notice as of yet, but there are three remaining episodes that do not have a solid schedule date, and could possibly never air. Unfortunately because this was planned as a mid-season cliff-hanger, the episode leaves a lot unresolved issues and unanswered questions.

Dr. Naday has hooked Charlie up with a fancy eye-movement reading machine, which allows Charlie to type on a keyboard, and we soon find out that he is as bad at spelling as he is at getting all the way out of his coma. This new course in therapy does give a chance for Dr. Naday and Nurse Jackson to play a little cat and mouse while Charlie learns chess. You know Nurse Jackson has some interest because she is soon looking for her lip gloss that she put in some drawer back in 1982. It was fun and sweet to see this romance blossom more awkwardly than the kids seem to have trouble with.

Eventually Nurse Jackson ends up asking the Dr. to dinner, which he gladly accepts. If Nurse Jackson gets much happier, she is going to have to lose her Grumpy Cat reputation. A moment of doubt about work relationships comes after Nurse Brittney spills about her night with McAndrews, and she cancels the dinner. Back where the flirting all began, over Charlie's bed, she tries to explain her cold feet to Dr. Naday, who decides to go in for the kill, um, I mean Kiss..........Cliffhanger! To add to the questions that never may be answered, during the kiss, Charlie is able to move his body just a little bit, a big Thumbs Up!

Hunter's parents are checking up on him after his fever collapse, and want him to go home, and while Kara is listening at the door, he agrees, setting her into a snark meltdown. He tries to explain to her that it is for his mother's sake he has to go, and she tries to tough-girl it, and just tell him that he never really mattered to her. LIAR! This leads Kara to need to escape from the hospital and Leo threatens to rat her out unless she agrees to take him to Emma's to check on her. Soon Kara's ever lesbian, faithful cheer-servant, has one of her cars pulled up, and Kara and Leo are off, leaving her servant behind. Road Trip!

Instead of taking him to Emma's, Kara has decided to just kidnap Leo and do what she does best, make it all about Kara. She takes them to her old high school, and Kara starts to get a little real. She is going to make some changes, starting with turning in her cheerleading gig and old fake friends. Leo tries to cheer her up, which Kara turns around and makes Leo wake up to his true potential and takes him out to the soccer field, reminding him of his passions and goals. Back in the Ocean Park Hospital parking lot, Leo tries to get Kara to open up more about her feelings and her sadness about Hunter, and a funny thing about truth, it creates passion and lets feelings fly, soon they are making out. UH-OH!! Cliffhanger # 2!

While Kara and Leo are out on their road trip, Hunter is about to go home when his pager goes off, a new liver is on its way. A heart to heart with Dash and he gives him a letter to give to Kara in case anything goes wrong with his surgery. Hunter goes into surgery for his liver transplant and asks for the name of the donor, as the room starts to spin, we have Cliffhanger # 3.

While everyone else is having issues dealing around love, Jordi gets a visitor who is a friend of last week's guest patient, Delaney. He hopes she has changed her mind about sharing his music, but it turns out, she just shared his access to some of Ocean Park's drugs, and this visitor just wants to buy some from him. He kicks her out, but she gives him her number anyway. Dr. McAndrews wants to remove Jordi's shrinking cancer tumors but can't get approval from the hospital guardians, who want him to go through another round of chemo first. Jordi does not want the chemo and decides maybe he can make the money he needs to be emancipated by just selling the drugs. That's never a good idea. Cliffhanger # 4.

Finally, Emma arrives home with her dad and gets a warm reception from her little sister and a weird reception from her mom. I can't tell you how much Ciara Bravo has impressed me with her acting these last few weeks. All I knew her from was her stint on the Nickelodeon show BIG TIME RUSH, but what an actress. I think Octavia Spencer has really rubbed off on her. Back home we find that Emma's mom is a serious believer in tough love, but it may have as much to do with guilt as being tough. Turns out that Emma's grandmother may have been anorexic and she decided not to let her know about it, thinking she would use it as an excuse if she believed it was genetic. After a hard to watch dinner scene, Emma ends up over the toilet trying to get rid of the dinner and soon her dad breaks into the bathroom to find her collapsed on the floor. Cliffhanger #5 and possible last scene of the series.......WOW.

I want to thank everyone for reading these recaps and reviews, and I want to thank for allowing me to write them. I have really come to love this show, and if they decide to air the final three episodes shot this season, I should be back to go over them with you. Please leave any comments on your thoughts about this series below, or you can always tweet me at @Leftofstr8. Enjoy your holidays Stranger Friends. You can always read my recap/reviews for MADAM SECRETARY here at as well, every Monday morning after new episodes air.

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