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BWW Recap: LIVE East Coast HEROES REBORN Recap 1/14

New year, new...clones?

Alright, fine, it may not be the catchiest slogan ever, but it does sum up last week's episode of HEROES REBORN quite nicely. Our beloved EVOs started off 2016 by really pumping up their powers and showing the corporate gang who's boss, and if the previews are any indication, they'll continue sticking it to the man in tonight's episode, too.

Take that, big business.

Tonight's penultimate episode will hopefully bring some much needed action sequences to a show that otherwise seems to be lagging, drawing out the same plot lines week after week. It seems we've finally arrived at the tipping point, and these EVOs are fed up - and rightfully so. (I mean, just look at Malina in that photo. She's not a happy camper.)

Join me right here and on Twitter @CourtHenley tonight at 8 PM EST as I live recap the newest HEROES REBORN episode! We can all watch the EVOs blow stuff up with their minds together!

8:05: I swear, if I saw a broadcast like that that somehow miraculously took over every screen around, I'd probably pee my pants and run far far away.

Here's some advice for you, Tommy: never sit in a chair that has wires coming out of it, especially when those wires are supposed to plug into your superhuman EVO powers.

8:09: Erica sounds pretty confident that she can save the world.

Woah there, Matthew, look at you and your mind control powers, go! I mean, I'm completely against the violence that you're using them to implement, but maybe it's time Erica gets a taste of her own medicine!

8:14: Everyone wants to get into this "utopian" city, Gateway, whatever it's called, but I'm not sure I'd want to go. Although, I guess if I didn't have inside knowledge about what was really going on, I would want to go to the one place that could save me. I'll give 'em a break, I guess.

Woah again, Matthew, dropping bombs left and right tonight! Taylor's pregnant! Erica is gonna be a grandma! That got him that key to Gateway really quickly.

8:16: See, Tommy? They had a plan! Only 12,000 people, not everyone!

Flashback to Erica's past. Her dying dad's doctor is an EVO, and he can heal everything!

Oh, but wait, he's actually a truly horrible creep who did horrible, horrible things to Erica. At least that explains why she's not the biggest fan of EVOs!

And out comes Taylor's abilities! Or rather, her baby's! That's actually pretty cool, that her baby's powers can manifest themselves through her.

8:21: Quentin, this is a make or break decision! She's your sister!

8:26: You're right, Ren. That does sound crazy.

But the line, "Dude, I'm dating him," sounds even crazier, so you're fine, Ren.

8:29: You can do it, Tommy! Sure, the future looks pretty bleak, but use those words of inspiration from your mom and turn that future upside down! Or not. But I think you'll do it. (Otherwise, we wouldn't really have a show, now would we?)

8:32: Erica's father got healthy again thanks to that doctor's powers, but how long does that mean he's healthy for? Is he alive forever now, or just until the next illness comes along? I have so many questions!

8:38: That's an uncomfortable situation. Pregnant with your EVO child, holding a gun to your evil mother's head. I wouldn't have been able to pull the trigger either.

Although I don't think Taylor's just going to let Erica off the hook. We'll have to see.

See? She'd rather die than go on living in an empty world with her mom. Extreme, but hey, at least she didn't murder her.

8:41: Ah, the Cheerleader. It's been a while since you were mentioned. Welcome back.

Malina, that is probably the prettiest EVO power I've ever seen.

8:49: Eh oh. The ex is back. This can't be good.

Wait, what?! Everyone's at this school! Where'd Tommy go? Where'd everyone go!?

Holy cow! Joanne shoots Malina! Luke set Jo on fire! Turned her into a pile of ashes! The world is going insane!

8:53: Matt! I guess that's karma, coming back around for essentially blackmailing Erica. His car crashes and his family's Gateway watches float away down the river.

I have to say, I do feel bad for him, though. Everything he did, he was just doing for his family, and now he's stranded.

8:58: When you think about it, though, everyone on this show has done horrible things to protect their children. Luke, Matthew, Erica, everyone.

Oh, look! Our old friend, back with his pennies!

9:00: Tommy? A prisoner? Online? He's housed in the game!? Alright, that's pretty cool.

Next week is the HEROES REBORN finale. What do you think is going to happen to Tommy? Do you think Malina will make it out alive? Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @CourtHenley!

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