BWW Catch Up: Shots, Shots, Shots! Slow-Watching Episode 7 of OITNB

BWW Catch Up: Shots, Shots, Shots! Slow-Watching Episode 7 of OITNB

BWW Catch Up: Shots, Shots, Shots! Slow-Watching Episode 7 of OITNB

We know that Season 2 of Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" started streaming two months ago, but not everyone has time to binge-watch 13 episodes. So we are catching up with one or two a week for the rest of the summer.

If you haven't been following along, here is Colleen's recap of Episodes 1 and 2, 3 and 4. and 5 and 6. Now she's back to take a look at Episode 7 of the new season. So, take it away Colleen...

And we're back! Episode Seven, "Comic Sans" shows us Black Cindy's past, the result of Jimmy's escape and a horrible hook-up between two equally horrible people. Let's dive right in. A security guard in an airport, Black Cindy abuses her job and steals items from the bags she checks. All is fun and games until she gives her little sister - who we later learn is actually her daughter!!!- an iPad she had mistakenly forgotten to reset. These flashbacks certainly reflect Cindy's laziness and disinterest in Litchfield which Vee soon sees as her weakness and works to transform her into another one of her lapdogs.

Vee and her new girls begin selling cigarettes in exchange for stamps and Nicky becomes Taystee's first customer. On the other side of the prison, Red's shipment comes in. When she gives Sophia estrogen pills, Sophia responds with my favorite line of the episode: "It's a mystery to me how your people lost the cold war." BWW Catch Up: Shots, Shots, Shots! Slow-Watching Episode 7 of OITNBThen, Sophia delivers another line when Red adds gummy bears to her new loot: "You ever been kissed by a six foot, black transgender woman?" Caputo is pissed over Jimmy's escape and forces the guards to up how many "shots" they issue a day which only puts Litchfield more on edge. I don't really understand how this is helping and I don't think Caputo does either. I'd watch out, man, you could have a mutiny on your hands soon!

The reporter returns to meet with Piper and tries to convince her to get intel on where all the money in Litchfield goes. However, now that she's focused on winning Healy over to get furlough, Piper declines. Later, Piper helps Jimmy in the cafeteria which I think was really sweet. Maybe, this is a way she's compensating for not seeing her grandmother...Morello signs up to write for Piper's newsletter and Caputo tells Chapman that he likes her idea. However, he wants to use the newsletter to communicate the ideas and opinions of the administration. Nicky tries to give Poussey advice on Taystee which is sweet but Poussey denies there is anything between them. Bennett worries over smuggling things in but the Latina girls warn him of the blackmail they have on him (aka the fact that they know about him and Daya) but he doesn't buy it and puts Ramos in the shoe. Daya and Bennett bicker which leads Daya into a rant, ending with: "I'm an inmate, I have nothing." Ooh, burn. Totally got Bennett right in the feels that time, girl.

Finally, we dawn upon the worst scene this entire season...a Polly/Larry hook up scene. Ugh. Tell me if I'm wrong or you disagree, but I just honestly hate these two. BWW Catch Up: Shots, Shots, Shots! Slow-Watching Episode 7 of OITNBTheir lives are so petty in comparison to all the inmates and I honestly don't blame Polly's husband for taking a vacation after their baby was born. I'd get out of there too. I'd much rather watch prison guards, O'Neil and Bell go at it...(which totally happened by the way).

Vee begins working her magic on the girls and corners Cindy: "If you don't build a future, that's because you don't believe you have a future." Playing chess with Suzanne, Vee uses the game as an excellent metaphor to convince Cindy to join her side. Vee's getting a little sneaky and with Red and her competing now I'm sure the plot will soon thicken. Will Vee and Red face-off? Or will they merge and work together? Knowing the two hot-heads, I'm sure the latter isn't likely to happen.

Finally, Jimmy is shown being escorted away from Litchfield...essentially being removed and released to fend for herself. Horrible, isn't it? Considering how out of her mind she is, Jimmy won't last longer than a week on her own. Pretty cold, even for Litchfield.

What did you think? Good episode? Does the font "comic sans" perfectly describe Larry and Polly for you too? Let me know in the comments! Until next time!