Alexandra Faye Sadeghian Stars as Mother Cabrini in New Documentary MOTHER CABRINI LEGACY

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Alexandra Faye Sadeghian Stars as Mother Cabrini in New Documentary MOTHER CABRINI LEGACY

Brooklyn Filmmaker, Glen Mitku, teamed up with Italian Sculptor, Sergio Furnari, to make a short documentary, about Sergio's dream to sculpt the Mother Cabrini tribute statue and create a Mother Cabrini School of the Arts.

They cast Alexandra Faye Sadeghian in the role of Mother Cabrini in "Mother Cabrini Legacy".

Alexandra Faye Sadeghian is an actress that has been featured in the documentary, "The Smiling Strangers", Karmen" and Superstorm: A Love Story". Instagram @alexandrafaye16

Glen Mitku is a film director and producer, known for Alone(2019), Feel Memory (2020) and Nadia Jaan (2020)

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"I am making this film, because I admire Sergio's artwork. Also, because I love the idea of making a movie about Mother Cabrini, and her legacy.", says Glen Mitku.

Sergio Furnari, saw Glen's breakthrough flm "Alone" (2019) on Amazon Prime and contacted him. They saw each others work and decided to take it from there and make a movie together, with Glen directing and producing it and Sergio starring in it, with actress Alexandra Faye Sadeghian as Mother Cabrini. Sergio's goal is to scupt the soul of Mother Cabrini with heart, passion and faith.

Sergio Furnari is an Italian-American immigrant that came to America in the early 90s. "I've been sculpting literally since I was 5 years old. One of my most famous creations is the statues of "lunchtime on top of the skyscraper", inspired by the famous 1932 photograph of Eleven Ironworkers having lunch. This iconic monument was displayed at the World Trade Center during the recovery operation. It stood as a great inspiration to all those Ironworkers that found themselves clearing tons of steel from Ground Zero."

Governor Cuomo recently pledged $750,000 for the creation of the statue, that will be placed in Battery Park. "In the eventuality that my statue will get chosen, Sergio says, "I will donate the $750,000 grant into the creation of a school of art where I will be teaching and will name it Mother Cabrini Academy of Art."

"I discovered the history of Mother Cabrini just a couple of months ago. Stunned by her not being chosen for a memorial statue by the She Built NYC program, I found inspiration again. The same day I contacted a few people and explained to everybody that we did not need a permit or permission to glorify a great human being like Mother Cabrini. I instantly fell in love with her history especially with all the great things she accomplished including opening orphanages and hospitals. She has helped thousands of people and done so much for the community that she deserves a monument in her honor. She's a TRUE hero to me.

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