BIO: I’m very pleased to announce the release of my first solo album, Double Capricorn. I started recording this album in the summer of 2007, originally for a project called SoloBob. But after sitting on the material for 4 years, I got sick of it; I needed something fresh. I also felt like it represented a certain time and place and mood and I needed a new perspective…after all, this is my first album away from the band (Rooney) I’ve been apart of for the last 11 years. I came to a place where I needed another outlet for my songs…space and room to try something new, alone. I’ve always loved working alone. I find it very inspiring and liberating. It’s not that working with my band is the opposite of those things; it’s just different. I write as I record and I like time alone to let a song come together. I’ve always written alone and recorded my demos, but when you bring the songs in a band environment, they take on a specific shape based on people’s styles and habits. Everyone has a certain taste, sometimes all similar, sometimes different, so you have to be mindful of managing everyone’s opinion. It’s all part of the process of working as a band and I enjoy that process, but it was time for me to step aside and make an album on my own. The sounds and songs you hear on Double Capricorn were recorded in my home studio in Los Angeles. I played all the parts and spent most of my time alone while I worked. My friend Joel Plotnik (Castledoor) was kind enough to lend his drumming skills to the songs “Someone 2 Love” and “I Know Why.” I had a great time working on this music and I feel very lucky to be in a position of making music independently and sharing it directly with my fans.

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