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Vaines Debuts 'All In My Head,' A Song About Digital Infatuation

Listen to the new single below!

Vaines Debuts 'All In My Head,' A Song About Digital Infatuation

Alt-pop singer/multi-instrumentalist, Vaines has shared a new single "All In My Head", out today via Hopeless Records, written about how social media can often have us thinking that we know somebody we've never even met and even, sometimes, that we've fallen in love. Fans can check out "All In My Head" now below.

On the inspiration behind the new track, Vaines asks, "Have you ever fallen in love with someone's social media profile and every time they posted something or tweeted something you felt like you were just falling more and more in love with them, until you realize that you don't actually know a thing about that person and there's no way you could be in love with them? 'All In My Head' is a song about falling in love with someone's profile before ever meeting them and knowing that it's stupid, but not being able to help it."

"I've always put more weight on music in my life than learning the business or killing social media" says Jared Gaines when reflecting on his new alternative pop project Vaines. Vaines is here to shatter genre boundaries and break the traditional recording model (recording albums in studios with producers). Vaines not only writes his own music but also plays all of the instruments, records all of the mixes, and produces all of his own songs -- right in his own bedroom.

Vaines passion for skateboarding and scouring local libraries for Thrasher magazines was interrupted when he was twelve-years-old and his dad gave him his first guitar. From then on, he was constantly performing in talent shows and creating performances for his parents with his siblings. Vaines soon discovered that he did not find comfort in just being a "band guy" but wanted to make more of an impact through songwriting as a solo artist. He cites "one-man generational" artists like Joji, Blackbear, and Post Malone as inspirations, but as he envisions his future, does not want to be pigeonholed to that genre only.

Vaines moved to Los Angeles in early 2017 and crashed with a friend with $200 in studio equipment and got to work writing any and all styles of music and honing his craft. In his songwriting style, Vaines will often write things in a reverse perspective to tackle how his distance and fear of commitment can make other people feel lonely. It helps him process how to be a better person and how to correct some of his self-diagnosed "toxic behavior". Songwriting is how he processes and pushes through the obstacles he faces.

Listen here:

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